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4 Must-Have Android Apps for Chicago Bears Fans

With the NFL season in full swing, keeping up with your favorite team can seem like a full-time commitment. Luckily the Google Play store has plenty of apps to keep us Bears fans on top of our favorite team no matter how far away we may roam from the hallowed walls of Hallas Hall.

Much of the news and stats are about the local team. When you are outside of the Chicago area, it can be extremely difficult to get accurate news, especially if the Bears lose a game or two. To help get the most up-to-date and accurate news about the Bears, Google has you covered. Here are the 4 best Android Apps for Chicago Bears fans to keep tabs on their team from the offseason to the postseason.

1. Chicago Bears Official App – Free

Chicago Bears Official App Free Icon

The NFL has created an official and dedicated app for all 32 teams, and they have done a very good job with them. Having the app backed by the NFL means this app will always be kept up and updated frequently. Also, having a dedicated app means there is nothing but information about the team you Monday morning quarterback for.

Some apps on this list may draw from a more diverse and wide range of sources. As far as a total Chicago Bears experience goes, the Chicago Bears Official app will give you the most accurate statistics and information.

Free Version

2. News – Chicago Football – Free

News Chicago Football Free Icon

This is a fairly basic app as far as what it offers, but the quality of the product is still very good. This a no-thrills, no-nonsense, Bears news app.

The gameday chat and forum features are great for hearing what other superfans have to say about what’s happening during the game as the action is happening.

Free Version

3. theScore: Sports & Scores

theScore Sports and Scores

While the app may not be geared specifically towards the Chicago Bears, it really delivers when it comes to breaking news and high-quality analysis of the NFL, and just about any sport for that matter.

Setup only takes a minute or two, and then the updates just start rolling in. It also has all the basic such as stats, schedules, and injury reports. You can even export the Bears schedule to your calendar!

Free Version

4. Team Stream by Bleacher Report – Free

Team Stream by Bleacher Report Free Icon

Team Stream by Bleacher Report is probably my favorite app on this list. I love it for what it does. You can customize it to follow one or multiple teams across just about any sport. It even has separate sections for video games and eSports. That’s right, follow your favorite League of Legends superstars!

Seriously, though, this app has more sports news than anyone could ever use, and you can also turn it into a great app for following the Chicago Bears.

Free Version


Being a Bears fan can sometimes feel like a roller coaster ride. We always love and support them, yet some seasons they just break our hearts. 30 years is a long time to go between Super Bowl victories; on the bright side, there is some comfort in knowing that there is a least one ring in the franchise’s history (We’re looking at you, Vikings fans!).

While each season may not always end with a title, one thing is for certain: come Sunday (or Monday… or Thursday), us loyal and faithful are ready to don our navy blue and burnt orange, channel our inner Ditka, and sing along to “Bear Down” as we support a certain team from a certain city… DA BEARS!

What did you think of the apps on this list? Are there any we missed? If so, leave a comment below. Or you can always reach us on Twitter or Facebook!

And, if you love the Bears as much as I do, PLEASE share this story with your fellow Bears Fans!

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