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Android Apps for Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) Fans

Under the stewardship of Louis Van Gaal, Manchester United FC has, once again, rediscovered their form as they battle for the Premier League title.Their support has never wavered, and they have one of the largest fan-bases in the world.

Naturally, they’re well-represented with a large selection of apps available on the Android market.From official news apps to quizzes and poker, there’s something for everyone on the Play Store.

Here’s a list of 10 must-have Android apps for every Manchester United supporter:

1. Official Manchester United App

Manchester United Official App Icon

The official MUFC app is available on Android, although it does have trouble playing on some devices, including mine. It depends on your location, and fans from the US and the UK might not be able to access the app.

It boasts exclusive content, in the form of videos and articles that no fan will want to miss out on, and it even has radio commentary for Premiership matches.

As an official app, it has the best content and the most features, but some are locked behind an annual pass, which the app pushes you to buy to access more content. If you don’t mind paying, it’s highly recommended by users. However, you can get most of the features available from the other apps on offer in this list. Before you shell out the money, make sure you can download it in the first place.

Free Version

2. Quiz about Manchester United

Quiz about Manchester United Icon

This app may not look very pretty, but 1000 trivia questions about the 2011-15 seasons will build your knowledge in no time. Some of the questions are extremely specific—who knows how many yellow cards Phil Jones collected in 2013-14—but it’s good fun.

Even though some of the questions aren’t in perfect English, they still make sense for the most part.

Free Version

3. MU Live – Manchester United News

MU Live – Manchester United News Icon

If the official MUFC application isn’t working for you, there’s always the MU Live news app. It has a selection of the latest articles from a large number of sources, as well as profiles for every first team player, with a selection of images and a link to their Wiki page if you want to learn more.

Free Version


Out of every team in the Premier League, Manchester United are probably the best represented in terms of Android apps, thanks to their massive support base.There’s something on the market for everyone and most of the content is free, provided by great writers and photographers.

Have we missed a great Manchester United app out? Let us know in the comments below, or you can also send us a message, (or a follow) on both Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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