12 Must-Have Apps for True Arsenal FC Supporters

Arsenal has been resurgent this season, and many pundits consider them to be the dark horses of the 2015-16 Premier League title race.

As one of the largest, most popular teams in world football, Arsene Wenger’s side are well represented on the Play Store, with numerous apps that should cover the needs of most supporters.

Here’s a list with 12 of the best available.

1. Arsenal

The official Arsenal Android app will probably have most of your needs covered, and it’s completely free to use. It has news, fixtures, and a lot of information about the team and individual players.

The sidebar makes everything easily accessible, and there’s even a tab to see a list of their injured players, which is handy given their historically appalling injury records.

The news comes directly from Arsenal’s in-house media department, so if you’re looking for less bias, or you want a larger variety of sources, you’re best off trying one of the other news apps on this list.

That doesn’t mean that the news is poor quality, as most of the news apps on this list use them as a resource.

Above all, it’s a decent offering that isn’t locked behind a paywall. If you’re going to download one app from this list, this one is probably the pick of the bunch.

Free Version

2. Arsenal Alarm

If you never want to miss an Arsenal match, why not try the Arsenal Alarm?

It’s nowhere near as polished as some of the other offerings on this list, but it’s a handy app if you find yourself missing matches too often. It will let you know when the next match is starting, with 30-minute notifications before the game.

The developers say that they ‘believe in simplicity’, and it’s shown by the design and layout of the app. However, this also means that there aren’t any customizable options, so you’ll have to make do with what’s on offer.

Free Version

3. Official Arsenal Keyboard

Installing the Official Arsenal Keyboard is the easiest way to get a great Arsenal keyboard for your device. There’s a news feed, and it comes with a spell-checker and the usual add-ons you would expect from a keyboard app, such as predictive texting.

Some languages aren’t supported, although the app is being frequently updated to add ones that aren’t covered. (Gujarati and Kannada were added most recently.)

It looks great, and it’s free to install. If you want a new keyboard app, it’s a solid alternative to the larger competitors on the market.

Free Version

4. Arsenal News 90Min Edition

The 90Min app is a handy resource that has information, articles, and videos about every team in the Premier League. Arsenal has a dedicated app on the Play Store, and it uses a variety of news sources to collate this information.

It also has unique stories and features that are handy if you tend to consume every bit of Arsenal news, and you can use the app to read about other teams.

It has received mostly great reviews in the Play Store, and it’s frequently updated. If you want more than just Arsenal news, it’s a decent option.

Free Version

5. Arsenal Fantasy Manager

It’ll never compare to Football Manager, but if you’re desperate for a fantasy football fix you can try this app. It’s basically an online resource-management game where you ‘manage’ a team against other players online.

If you buy something, they offer to remove all adverts, (like the large ad found at the bottom of the screen) but it doesn’t seem worth the price. If you’re desperate for a management sim, it’s probably worth it to pony up the cash for Football Manager 2015 or a similar ‘full-fat’ alternative.

It’s reminiscent of browser games that do have a proven audience, and it was never hard for me to find a match online, so if you’re interested, it could be worth a try.h

Free Version

6. Arsenal News-Chat

If news just isn’t enough, you can try the in-app chat rooms featured in this application.

The app was created by an Arsenal supporter, and you can tell that a lot of love and attention has gone into creating it. There are ads at the bottom of the screen, but they’re not too intrusive when compared to others in the Store.

The news is sourced using News Now, which is one of the best resources in the business. The opportunity to chat with fellow supporters is a feature that many apps miss out on, so if you’re keen to socialize why not give the app a try?

Free Version

7. Arsenal Fan TV

So, what is Arsenal Fan TV? It’s an online channel that produces content about the team, and there’s an app you can download for Android devices to watch videos and read news about the Gooners.

Some users have reported issues viewing content while others have derided the clunky UI. It’s still a highly rated app with over 10,000 installs, so if you’re interested in the videos, it could be worth downloading.

Free Version

8. Alexis Sanchez Wallpaper

Alexis Sanchez is Arsenal’s star player and one of the best in the Premier League. If you want to pay respect with a background image of the superstar, there’s an app for that.

It hadn’t been updated since June last year, so it’s questionable whether new images will be added or not. Nonetheless, most of the people who downloaded the app seem to be happy with what’s on offer already, but there are no photos of Sanchez in an Arsenal shirt. Instead, it’s mostly pictures of him on international duty and his time at Barcelona.

Free Version

9. Arsenal Matchday Programme

This app is an online repository packed with information found in Arsenal’s matchday programme. It costs roughly $1 per issue, which is actually reasonably cheap in comparison to the physical copy and other online programmes.

It has exclusive features and videos, as well as manager and captain’s notes before the game. If you’re willing to spend a little, it’s a great app to read the matchday programme on the go.

Free Version

10. Arsenal FC Cup 2015

Relieving Arsenal’s successful FA Cup run of 2014 might not be the most romantic of memories when compared to ‘The Invincibles’, but it was a proud moment for supporters who felt vindicated after sticking with Arsene Wenger after a decade of near-misses, stadium building, and players being poached by their rivals.

This official app has lots of information about Arsenal’s route to the final, with news, match reports, infographics, photos, audio and video. There’s a lot of information here.

Free Version

11. Arseblog

The award-winning Arseblog has an official Android app, and it’s one of the best available on your device. The blog is updated daily with news and features by a list of well-known columnists and supporters, and they’re known for having great content.

It has over 100,000 installs, and it has a 4.8 rating out of 5. If you want to hear articulate views about the latest Gunners news, this is probably the best app to use.

Free Version

12. Gunners

This news app has some features that set it apart from others on the list. You can listen to TalkSport within the app, which is a great added bonus for football fans, and you can customize which sites you get news from by enabling and disabling them within the app.

The news is sourced from Arsenal, the BBC, and a couple of well-known Arsenal blogs, so if you want variety, this app will give you more than the official Arsenal offering.

Free Version


As one of the best-supported teams in the world, Arsenal FC is well represented on the Play Store.

There are a few quality apps that definitely deserve your attention. The official offerings are well-made while others like the Arsenal Alarm and various news apps help to fill any gaps and needs for most supporters.

Have we covered your needs, or have we missed out on a great Arsenal Android app? Let us know in the comments below, or you can also send us a message, (or a follow) on both Facebook and Twitter.

If we managed to help out or you have any problems, let us know in the comments below.

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