Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max

Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max – The Best Comparison in 2022

In case you are not aware:

Google, aside from providing a search engine, has been producing great products like phones, laptops, smart home devices, and more.

In line with this, Google released home appliances like the Nest Hub in 2018 and Nest Hub Max in 2019. Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max which is best? These devices are used in homes to help homeowners to control appliances and monitor their houses in a digitalized way.

Homeowners can ask questions about the Nest Hub or the Nest Hub Max, and these devices will answer those as much as they could. Controlling other smart home appliances is possible using both of these devices. Streaming can also be done in the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max.

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But, you might be wondering why is it that Google released two versions of the Nest Hub?

Well, the truth is that the two devices are quite similar. Still, there are some major differences between these two products. This is because Google wanted to cater to different customers. And, that is why they created another version after releasing the Nest Hub.

Nifty, right?

Now, if you want to know the key differences between these two products, then we got you. We observed these devices and listed the important distinctions these devices have to help you decide which one to buy.

So, read on to know more!

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A Point-to-Point Comparison of Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

1. Size

nest hub vs nest hub max size difference
Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max size difference

First off our list is the most obvious difference between Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. And this is the size of the two devices. The Nest Hub has a seven-inch display while the Nest Hub Max has a ten-inch display.

Still, you might be thinking that the size difference does not really matter. But, in truth, it does.

When choosing smart devices for our homes, we have to take into consideration the size of the device because we are going to be placing these devices somewhere permanently.

If you want a hub that can be placed on top of your nightstand, then we think the smaller one, which is the Nest Hub, might be more suitable for you. However, if you want to have a hub placed on your kitchen counters to help you in your kitchen, then we think the Nest Hub Max is better suited for you.

Also, the sizes of the two devices affect their weight. The Nest Hub Max is almost three times the weight of the Nest Hub. So, if you are looking for a more lightweight device that you can use anywhere inside the house, then we think you should try the Nest Hub.

Another thing, the size of these devices matters because there might be some that would want to own a device where they can watch more comfortably. We think that owning a Nest Hub Max is better for this since the display is bigger giving you a better viewing experience.

2. Speaker

nest hub vs nest hub max speakers difference
Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max speakers difference

In line with the characteristics of these two devices that we have discussed in the previous number, the Nest Hub Max has a larger size compared to the Nest Hub. Meaning it has a greater space for the speakers installed in it. This makes the Nest Hub Max’s sound system better than the other.

The Nest Hub Max has a 2.1 speaker meanwhile the Nest Hub has a full-range speaker. Meaning the Nest Hub Max’s speaker gives off a bigger sound compared to the Nest Hub’s.

So if you are looking for a hub that you can also use for watching movies, TV series, and YouTube videos, then the Nest Hub Max is best for you. It can give you a better experience while watching since the speaker is of better quality.

3. Camera

google nest hub vs nest hub max camera difference
Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max camera difference

Another major difference between the two is that the Nest Hub Max has a front camera while the other one does not have any.

This is something important to consider while choosing between the two. Some people are comfortable with having a smart home device that has a camera feature, but some are not. This comes with the thought of having a smart device that they think is not secured and safe.

Now, if you are considering placing a hub inside your bedroom, then we think it would be more comfortable to choose the Nest Hub. But, if you are comfortable with having a hub that has a camera, then the best choice is the Nest Hub Max.

It has a 6.5megapixel camera. With the addition of a camera in the Nest Hub Max, there are also some additional features that you can get with this device. And, if you do want to know those features then you do not need to worry since we are going to discuss those in the next item.

4. Features

Nest Hub Max video call feature
Nest Hub Max video call feature-Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max

Since the Nest Hub Max has a front camera, there is an additional feature that was added to it. This is the facial recognition feature. This feature lets this device check the faces of the users of the device. Once the device recognizes who is using it, it will show information and tasks that are catered to the user.

How cool is that?

But that is not the only thing that the facial recognition feature is for. Since it can detect the faces of the people that are within the camera’s scope, it can also recognize which faces are not familiar. In conclusion, this device is a great addition to better secure your home.

You can also have video calls using the Nest Hub Max since it has a front camera. So, if you are using this device in your kitchen, you can multitask by cooking and talking to your loved ones at the same time. The last additional feature to the Nest Hub Max that we think is noteworthy is gesture detection. You can show your palm towards the camera to pause the video or music playing.

5. Price

nest hub and nest hub max price difference
Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max Price Difference

Now, the last difference that we think is important is the price of the devices.

There is a significant difference between the prices of the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max. Nest Hub’s retail price is $149.00, while Nest Hub Max costs $229.00. To be honest, that is quite a big difference in price, but we think that the features that come with the camera of the Nest Hub Max are worth the money.

Still, we also think that it is up to you to decide whether you think the additional features of the Nest Hub Max are worth the $80.00 difference. In the end, you are the one who is going to choose which device is most suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions-Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max

Is Google Home Hub and Nest Hub the same?

Yes. Google Nest Hub was previously known as the Google Home Hub. It was rebranded by Google the next year after its release.

Is the Nest hub or the Nest Hub Max worth it?

In our honest opinion, both the Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max are worth the money. Both devices are quite helpful in making a digitalized home. They serve as a TV or speaker you can use while cooking, a digital picture frame, a smart home controller, and more.

Can Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max make phone calls?

You may make voice calls to friends, family, and companies using Google Nest and Home speakers and displays.

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To Sum It All Up

Google has been releasing great products from smartphones to smart home devices. In line with this, they have also produced some home appliances like Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Owning one of these devices can further help digitalize homeowners’ houses.

But, some people do not know the difference between Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max. So, they are having a hard time choosing which is the most suitable for them. That is why we made this list.

We hope that through the point-to-point comparison that we made, customers will know which one to buy.

Did this article help you in differentiating Nest Hub vs Nest Hub Max? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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