New Google Apps Map

New, Better Google Maps App NOW Available, Latitude Retiring

Google announced its plans to retire the latitude location sharing service come August 9. The news came at such a time when the tech giant was also announcing a better, improved Google Maps App for users across the mobile community. After the demise of Latitude, Google will shift their location sharing focus on their social network, Google+, which already supports check-ins and social sharing of location data. The move comes at such a time when the company is shrinking its list of services by foregoing those ones that are seen as less important.

New Google Apps Map

On the other side, Google’s new map app is quite a hit. Not only has the company improved the Google Maps for iPhone app on the Apple store, but they have also brought that same app to iPads, android phones and tablets. To download the app and use it on your android phone or tablet PC, you need the Ice Cream Sandwich or the Jelly Bean versions of Android.

For android fanboys, the good words don’t end there. The app has a fast, simple but elegant design, untainted by the multi-menus that have always characterized the existing maps app for android. Additionally, this new app will enhance your mapping experience with a couple of new positive points and enhancements:

  • Greater Speed – faster than all previous versions
  • A new weight on exploration – in the past, Google Maps has been doing a good job to get you to known locations. But this time, the tech giant wants to help you choose a bar, recreation center or hotel at least in major metropolitans in Europe and the United States.
  • Better Info – the new maps app is so good that most of the time; you don’t even need navigation instructions. The app offers important information leading to your nearest movie theaters, drugstores and other facilities.

With the ability to reroute you in case of traffic jams and an option for offline maps, Google seems to be setting the trends for mapping applications, once again.

If you’re running on the latest versions of android, go right ahead and try out this new app – you’ll probably like the creativity.

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