Amazon offers free e-books on World Book Day, drops new feature on Kindle

Amazon offers free e-books on World Book Day, drops new feature on Kindle

Are you a big book lover? Maybe this last year in lockdown, you’ve had more time than ever to read?

Regardless, Amazon has an offer for all the bookworms out there –– 10 free e-books for all Kindle users worldwide. This offering will be in accordance with the World Book Day that will fall on April 23rd.

Wait, there’s more.

Amazon also drops a new feature on Kindle that lets users set book covers as their lock screen wallpaper.

Do you know want to know more about this feature? Then, keep on reading this article.

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Free e-books on World Book Day

Free e-books on World Book Day for Kindle users
Free e-books on World Book Day for Kindle users

Amazon is no stranger to exclusive offers and big discounts. But in honor of book lovers on World Book Day, its offering 10 e-books. Mind you, it’s absolutely free.

Before you get all excited and giddy, only Kindle, Kindle app users, and Amazon Fire tablet can benefit from this offering. And as you know, this is a limited offer only. You might want to keep in mind that this offer will be available until April 24th.

Free e-books on World Book Day
Free e-books on World Book Day

How to claim free e-books?

So, if you are eligible for the free e-books, this is how to claim it.

First, users will have to sign in from their Amazon account to be eligible for the 10 free e-books. But users don’t need to have an Amazon Prime membership for this promotion.

Furthermore, Amazon has created a separate library for all the free e-books that were sourced out from ten different countries. All have been translated into the English language too.

Last year, Amazon also rolled out a similar promotion that offers nine e-books to its Kindle users.

Amazon drops in new ‘Display Cover’ feature on Kindle

Amazon drops in new ‘Display Cover’ feature on Kindle

In another news, Amazon also rolled out a new feature on Kindle called ‘Display Cover.’ Initially, this feature has only been available to users who jailbreak their Kindle devices.

What this feature does is that it lets users set the cover of the book they are currently reading as the lock screen wallpaper to their Kindle device. The feature allows users to set covers of almost all books, magazines, comics, and more as your lock screen wallpaper.

But there’s a catch: there’s only a specific number of generations that will get the feature. What are they?

The ‘Display Cover’ will be available to users with 8th and 10th generation Kindle, 7th and 10th generation Paperwhite, 8th, 9th and 10th generation Oasis and 7th generation Voyage.

Unfortunately, in-device ad versions of Kindle users won’t be able to use this feature.

Don’t know which Kindle device you have and how to turn feature one?

Wondering wether your Kindle device supports this feature? Here’s how you can identify it.

First, if your Kindle device supports ads, have them disabled for $20. Others report, you can call customer service support and just ask them nicely.

On the other hand, for supported Kindle devices, here’s what you need to do. First, make sure your device is running on the latest Kindle firmware version. Then, enable the ‘Display Cover’ feature by going to your Settings > Device > Options > turn on Show Cover.

Lastly, if you are one of the few who still don’t have a Kindle, you can take advantage of this amazing offer by getting yourself one. Just click on the button below.

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