Android 13 may have a tap-to-transfer feature for media to nearby devices

Android 13 may have a tap-to-transfer feature for media to nearby devices

It may seem like it was just yesterday when Android 12 was released. And now the upcoming Android 13 release is just around the corner.

And although the Android 12L has not officially been released yet, Google is now working on its next major release, the Android 13 –– internally codenamed “Tiramisu”.

Before its official release though, we have already uncovered some of the features that are currently in the works for Android 13. Yet now, there is another possible feature that is expected to come on the latest OS update.

There aren’t many details to it just yet, but it somehow is going to make our experiences even hassle-free. Android 13 might just have a tap-to-transfer feature for media.


Tap-to-transfer feature on Android 13

Even though the Android 13 has not officially arrived yet, there are already a few features spotted that were already in the development phase. Included in these features are audio-related changes.

But the most exciting feature that might be coming in the Android 13 is the tap-to-transfer feature for media to nearby devices. Although none has been said about the feature, it is supposed to let users move media between phones and other devices.

At this stage, all we have is a UI demo, that reads Google’s mockup, for parts of the “Media TTT” workflow. And that last part is for “tap to transfer,” however, it is still unsure whether it will get that name or branding. All the details about the feature come from an anonymous yet trusted source.

Demo of the chip notification used in the feature

The screenshots above display short messages at the top of the display that reads “Move closer to play on DEMO” on the first image, if ever you are far away from a device. And “Playing on DEMO” on the second one.

The latter message also has an Undo button, apparently, in case you accidentally walk close to a device and do not want your music to start playing on it.

Again, there are not many details available about the feature yet besides the screenshots you see above.

This feature might work the same way as with the ‘Hand off audio’ feature on Apple’s HomePod smart speakers. This allows users to hold their iPhones or iPod Touch close to a HomePod to set the speaker as the output.

The feature uses a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, however, it is not clear what Google will use if this feature actually makes it to Android 13.

There are so many possibilities on how Google can add this feature to Android. The company could add this feature to the Chromecast functionality, or bring it to standard Bluetooth wireless audio, or even to both.

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Furthermore, it is unclear what technology this feature will use to share files. Also, it is still in the early phase of development. Features like this one could disappear or change drastically before its official release.

But Google is really working on a feature that will move media files from one device to another in Android 13, a redesigned output sticker to go with it, and a new QR code scanning feature.

Assuming the Android 13 will have a similar schedule as previous years, the latest OS will likely start to roll out in the fall of this year, with beta and developer previews in the coming months.

Finally, the Android 12L is expected to arrive sometime before the end of Q1 this year. So, we can expect the OS to roll out to tablets and phones anytime now until the end of March.

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