Android Auto will soon update to better detect bad USB cables

Android Auto will soon update to better detect bad USB cables

Are you the type to use just whatever USB cable is available to use Android Auto? If so, you might want to rethink that.

Bad USB cables are one of the causes of issues for Android Auto. And according to Google, not all cables are suitable for in-car use and is it generally best to have a first-party (that cable that came with a Pixel phone in the box, for example).

Or better yet, a high-quality accessory to make sure your connection will not get disrupted while on the road.

On that note, Google is preparing a feature on Android Auto that will better detect bad USB cables.


Upcoming feature on Android Auto allows detecting bad USB cables

Android Auto is a helpful tool with a phone-like interface that allows drivers to navigate around. And even if Google wants us to switch to its new Assistant driving mode, which automatically activates via the vehicle’s Bluetooth, many are still using the in-dash feature.

Those that use Android Auto know very well that the feature is available to use by connecting their phones to the car via a USB cable.

Unfortunately, this is the reason why Android Auto encounters issues –– mostly caused by bad USB cables.

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Now, the tech company is reportedly coming up with a new feature for the Android Auto that diagnoses potential issues with these accessories in the car on its initialization.

The tech correspondent Mishaal Rahman claims to have uncovered a rather possibly relevant addition to the Android Auto app.

According to Google, not all USB cables are suitable for Android Auto use. It is best to have the first-party cable, for example, the first-party cable that came with the Pixel phone.

Or better yet, a high-quality accessory –– so you can be ensured of the connection it delivers.

Furthermore, Google advises that the cable should be less than 3 feet in length, and most importantly meets the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) standard.

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Apparently, Android Auto’s latest update version 7.5.121104 now shows a USB Startup Diagnostics tool. Hinted by the name, the tool assesses a connected cable for its “quality” during start-up.

As of the moment, it is still not clear which criteria or parameters the app might be using in order to say that a USB cable is a bad one.

However, this new feature might be in line with Google’s earlier mentioned troubleshooting guidelines.

Bad USB cables on Android Auto doesn’t necessarily mean bad

If Android Auto classified your USB cable as a bad one, it’s not necessarily bad. Don’t throw it away.

Although it did not work on Android Auto, it is not automatically bad because it is damaged. This just simply means that you are not using the correct cable.

Surprisingly, some cables are designed to transfer data, for charging, while others are not. So, the next time you want to use a USB cable for Android Auto make sure they are the right ones.

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