Black Friday 2019 Android devices deals from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon

Black Friday 2019 Android devices deals from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon

The Black Friday sale is just a couple of days away, and everyone is gearing up. Different stores offering up all sorts from fashion to toys, electronics, gadgets and more are already hyping up with their flash deals.

And Amazon has already kicked off its massive sale already last November 22. But Amazon is not the only company to be offering massive deals for Black Friday, brace yourself for what the giant providers have to offer.

Black Friday 2019 Android devices deals

Ever thought of replacing your old smartphone for a new one? Since it is almost Christmas, there are for sure people who are thinking of upgrading their years’ old smartphones for a new one. And the perfect time for some phone shopping is the Black Friday.

The holidays can be pretty confusing for professionals who are looking for gifts but at the same time do not want to spend too much. Major retailers and mobile network operators are looking for a way to stay as long as possible by taking advantage of what is typically considered as the biggest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday 2019 Android devices deals
Black Friday The Best Deals 2019

It is the time of the year where you can get a gadget at a very discounted price, and if you are lucky even half of its usual price tag. Giant providers in the US are now joining in the fun by offering the latest Android devices at a much lower price.

Many of these major companies have already unveiled its first round of Black Friday deals. For instance, T-Mobile has already unveiled its initial round of “Black Friday deals” in mid-November which was followed the extensive “Magenta Friday sale” earlier this week.

But since the actual Black Friday is still a week away, you can expect that there is still a third batch of special deals just before Christmas. So, here are the special deals offered by the telecom providers in the US.

1. Sprint

Sprint's Black Friday 2019 Deals
Sprint’s Black Friday 2019 Deals
  • Get up to 84% discount on Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, Note 10 & Note 9 devices. This includes special discounts on the latest Galaxy smartphones with 128GB, 256GB, 512GB & 1TB storage
  • Save up to 72% on Huawei, Motorola, OnePlus, LG & HTC smartphones. Also, this features great deals from the top Android cell phone manufacturers.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile Black Friday 2019 Deals
T-Mobile Black Friday 2019 Deals
  • Shoppers get to have a free Galaxy S10e, S10, or Galaxy Note 10 when they purchase a Samsung device of equal or greater value, a new line of service, and 24 monthly bill credits
  • Free T-Mobile RevvlryMoto G7 PowerSamsung Galaxy A10eLG Aristo 4+LG K40, or Moto E6 with a new line of service and monthly bill credits, no trade-in required or any other strings attached
  • Trade-in old Google phones and get up to $300 off Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
  • Free LG G8 ThinQ with LG G8 ThinQ purchase
  • Get free Samsung tablet if you avail for a new mobile line
  • Save up 50% on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 with a new line of service


Verizon Black Friday 2019 Deals
Verizon Black Friday 2019 Deals
  • Offers up to $750 savings on a wide range of Android devices including impressive deals when you switch your phone plan from one carrier to Verizon
  • Get 50% discount on Samsung Galaxy smartphones which includes the Galaxy S10, Note 10, Galaxy S9, and Note 9


AT&T Black Friday 2019 Deals
AT&T Black Friday 2019 Deals

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Excited for Black Friday?

One thing to remember, the Black Friday sales are for a limited time only. So, if you have been planning an upgrade on your device or a switch to another carrier, this is a perfect time. You might want to take advantage of these offerings if gadgets are on your Christmas shopping list either for you or for others.

For this year, Black Friday falls on November 29th and Cyber Monday falls on December 2nd. You better watch out for the latest news on the Black Friday deals.

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