Google Chrome lets you save Tab Groups for later use

Chrome’s new Tab Groups feature is now available to everyone

A few months back, Chrome announced a handful of updates that will be very helpful to users. One of these updates is the Tab Groups feature to help you stay organized while using and browsing through Chrome.

Google has been working on this feature for quite some time now. In fact, the web browser even rolled out this feature to some users this year. Now, after an extensive A/B testing, the company has announced that it is now available to everyone.

All users can now enjoy this new feature –– just as long as they are updated in the latest Chrome version.

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Tab Groups feature is now available for everyone

Chrome's new Tab Groups feature is now available to everyone
Chrome’s new Tab Groups feature is now available to everyone

Ever had a time when there were just too many tabs opened on Chrome and you weren’t sure which page you had viewed last? Did you get confused looking for the right tab and accidentally closed up the wrong page?

If you are one to use Google Chrome for work and study, then you’ve probably dealt with these scenarios more often. It’s a good thing that Google has addressed this issue and rolled out a feature that will be very handy for all users –– the Tab Groups feature.

This new feature allows users to organize active tabs and group them to improve workflow. This feature is available for users in the latest Chrome browser version on Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. Moreover, the version 85.0.4183.102 of the Chrome browser enables this feature, by default, for all its users.

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How to use the Tab Groups feature on Chrome?

Let’s dive deep into the feature, shall we?

With this functionality, users can group together active tabs based on their specific needs. Users can assign a color to a specific group and name them so it will be easier to find.

Basically, users can group together similar sites and declutter your Chrome browser. This feature is particularly handy for users who have many unorganized, opened tabs in their browsers.

Using this feature is very easy. You just have to perform a few simple clicks and then you are good to go. Now, if you want to create a new tab group on your browser, right-click the tab of your choice. Then, select the ‘Add to new group’ option.

Creating a new group on the browser

There you go, you now have a new group on your browser. If you want to assign a color to this specific group and name it, just click on the dot beside the tab.

Assigning a color and naming the group

After creating the group, you can now add other active tabs by either dragging them to the group or manually adding them. To manually add, just right click on the tab and select the option ‘Add to existing group’ and choose the group you want to be added to the tab.

Users can now enjoy this feature through the latest version of the browser

For users using the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac, you just need to update your browser to version 85.0.4183.102 to enjoy this feature. As of this writing, users can now enjoy this feature.

But there is no word yet when this feature will be available to Android and iOS.

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