Fitbit offers 90-day free Premium trial to help you exercise at home

Fitbit offers 90-day free Premium trial to help you exercise at home

Has the “stay at home” situation taken a toll on you yet?

Well, you are not alone on that fight as well as you are not alone in this fight against the novel coronavirus.

Amidst the worsening case of the global outbreak, countries are forced to take measures that include restrictions on movement such as quarantine at home.

Many countries, cities, and states are already under quarantine to stop the further spread of the virus.

Now, Fitbit is offering a deal that is very useful in this time of self-quarantine.

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Fitbit’s offers 90-day free trial Premium service

You are on your who-knows-day of quarantine, and boredom started kicking in. You have run out of options to entertain yourself and maybe your kids too.

Fitbit's offers 90-day free trial Premium service
Fitbit’s offers 90-day free trial Premium service

As experts say, the key to fighting off the coronavirus is to boost the immune system. In order to achieve this, you have to eat nutritious meals, take up vitamins, and exercise regularly.

Fitbit is now helping those who are at their homes and struggling to get moving everyday. The company is offering a free 90-day trial of its premium service so people can get exercise at home.

How to avail of the free 90-day Premium?

With the lockdown going on many countries and cities, businesses and schools have closed its doors. Gyms across the globe were also forced to close its doors.

And now, Fitbit is giving a generous to help you get some exercise while being on lockdown at home.

In a letter signed by the company CEO, it says that it’s making 40 pieces of previously Premium content available to all users for free.

Additionally, new users to the service can get a three-month free Premium subscription. That is a much larger trial period compared to the seven days it usually offers.

Now, if you are looking for a way to get some exercise without having to go to the gym, Fitbit has many workouts in the app. Many of these workouts can be done at home with little to no equipment involved.

Do you own a Fitbit smartphone or tracker? Then, that is even better.

The free 90-day Premium should get you going with exercising at home
The free 90-day Premium should get you going with exercising at home

The Fitbit app can monitor all sorts of things, like sleeping patterns, heart rate/restlessness, and many more.

Plus, the company even launched a Watch face called Washy that will remind you when it is time to wash your hands.

If Premium isn’t available in your region, and you haven’t tried Fitbit Coach yet, we’re offering a 90-day free trial, so you can stream video workouts on your phone or computer. To access Premium or Coach,  all you have to do is visit the Fitbit app. We hope this helps to make this difficult time a little bit easier for you. – James Park

Also, the service offers enterprise customers features that include corporate challenges free of charge. Park then added,

Our thoughts are with all whose lives have been affected by the virus so far. We are continually looking at other ways we can support those in our community and those in need, and will keep you updated as things evolve.

Exercise at home and stay safe

If the offer did not make you think of getting a move, then I don’t know what is. If you are interested to give it a go, click here to follow the instructions and sign up.

Getting regular exercise has proven to give us a healthier and stronger immune system, which is definitely what we need in these trying times.

As you sanitize your homes to be germ-free, do not forget to clean your smartphones as well as it is something we often neglect.

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