Galaxy A53 color options leaked, the handset might be available next year

Galaxy A53 color options leaked, will come with a 120Hz screen display

The Galaxy A series is another beloved line from Samsung. The Galaxy A series is known for its mid-range phones –– in terms of their specs and price.

Smartphones from this line may not have the premium feels but they are as equally phones to be reckoned with. In fact, Samsung’s Galaxy A52 5G has proved to be popular enough this year that the company has released a subsequent variant they named A52s in the same year.

Now, the South Korean tech company is rumored to release the next generation of a mid-range smartphone –– starting with the A53 at least.


What’s new with the rumored Galaxy A53?

The Samsung Galaxy A52 was released back in April of this year. And this device is about to get a follow-up –– the Galaxy A53.

The upcoming smartphone is expected to hit the shelves early next year. Although there are not many details about this handset, we are graced with a few leaked information.

Samsung Galaxy A53 will be available in four color options
Samsung Galaxy A53 will be available in four color options

Samsung’s Galaxy A53 will be available in key markets in four color options. And what’s more? It has more advanced specs compared to its predecessors, the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A52s.

The handset will be available in orange, blue, black, and white. The orange will be new, although it is unclear if it will be like the coral orange of the Galaxy A50 from years ago.

The two predecessors were already good enough, considering its mid-range price, but the Galaxy A53 was made to improve what’s already good in the Galaxy A52 series.

Is the Galaxy A53 going to house a better processor and a better design?

What's new with the rumored Galaxy A53?
What’s new with the rumored Galaxy A53?

According to some sources, the Galaxy A53 is said to feature in-house silicon in 2022, and perhaps a more interesting flavor of Exynos with next-gen GPUs.

In addition, folks from assure that the Galaxy A53 will have the same camera specs of its main camera and the display refresh rate specs as with the Galaxy A52. Or maybe even better.

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If you don’t have an idea what the specs were with the Galaxy A52: its main camera was pretty good at 64-megapixel and 120Hz refresh rate respectively.

GalaxyClub added that the Galaxy A53 will be launched in a 5G version only. This only means that the Galaxy A52 4G will be discontinued come 2022.

Usually, Samsung releases 4G and 5G variants of smartphones, however, the company seems to be focusing on 5G devices and making them more affordable. And besides, it is only a matter of time before 5G becomes a standard with phone manufacturers.

Finally, for its release date, the Samsung Galaxy A52 was introduced after the Galaxy S21’s launch. So it’s possible that the Galaxy A53 will be introduced after the launch of Galaxy S22 phones too.

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