Galaxy S22 Ultra is rumored to come in 1TB storage option

Galaxy S22 Ultra is rumored to come in 1TB storage option

Before a brand new flagship is even officially announced, there may have already been tons of rumored specs leaked to the public. And if the rumors are true, then Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra is incomparable to the regular Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus.

It is more than just its bigger screen and more powerful zoom lens. From its design, built-in S Pen, and new camera abilities, the device seems to have many upgrades –– all could make it a possible candidate for the best phones list for this year.

One of which: the Galaxy S22 Ultra might come in 1TB storage option. It also included some other specs that will put it at par with its biggest competitors.


Bumped-up specs for Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra

Another rumor that has circulated online about the Galaxy S22 Ultra is its option storage. The device might come in 1TB storage option which is a decent step up from the models that have already supposedly leaked.

Currently, there have been details about a 12GB of RAM plus 256GB storage model of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Also, another version with the same RAM but bumped-up storage of 512GB.

And now, there is a likelihood that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will come in a 1TB storage variant. But it’s not just that, it will also come with a whopping 16GB of RAM.

Considering the Galaxy S22 Ultra is slated to be a mainstream device rather than a gaming phone, such specs will certainly send it into the firmament in terms of storage and memory power.

Although most users would prefer higher storage, the 1TB option is just too much for a regular user. Nonetheless, it is also a good thing for those users that would want 16GB of RAM and 1TB internet storage.

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Other rumored specs of the S22 Ultra

Other rumored specs of the S22 Ultra
Other rumored specs of the S22 Ultra

Acccording to Ishan Agarwal, a known leaker who has a great track record, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will possibly only be available in “select regions”. And there is a specific mention to Europe, which could mean that the device will be powered with Exynos 2200 SoC instead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

The thing is, if the 16GB RAM plus 1TB storage exists, it would rival many laptops on the market today, especially in terms of RAM. Needless to say, the device would come with a high price –– a leak slating the device with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage starting at US$1,763 (estimated).

Yet the model with even higher specs has an estimated starting price of US$2,283.

In addition, a source tells us that the 1TB Galaxy S22 Ultra might get delayed and will not be part of the expected Galaxy S22 series announcement this Febuary.

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