Garmin adds pregnancy tracking feature on its Connect app

Garmin adds pregnancy tracking feature to its Connect app

Who says fitness smartwatches are just for those who are fond of hardcore workouts? Garmin has announced that it has added a new feature to its Connect app –– and it’s especially helpful for expectant mothers.

Heart rate tracker, blood sugar levels, and baby movements are just some of the features you can expect. It will be available on some compatible Garmin smartwatches.

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Pregnancy may be a beautiful journey for moms and moms-to-be, and each day, week, and month brings new developments. And these developments can be tracked. Garmin’s new feature allows expectant mothers to keep tabs on their heart rate, blood sugar levels, their pregnancy timeline, even the size and movements of their baby.

Also, the feature lets you “pause” your workout to avoid any drops in your levels caused by the normal changes brought by pregnancy.

All-in-one fitness smartwatch

There are already a number of apps available on the market right now that tracks these changes throughout a pregnancy. However, they lack the benefits of a smartwatch, which include features like heart rate tracking.

Now, Garmin lets you get all these features on your smartwatch. And the good thing about it? Users do not have to use third-party devices just to be able to track certain health metrics.

All-in-one fitness smartwatch
All-in-one fitness smartwatch

This latest Garmin Connect pregnancy feature includes the usual health metrics including sleep data, blood sugar levels, and heart rate. Users can also manually input additional details related to their pregnancy, and more.

Additionally, expectant mothers can receive educational materials on pregnancy health such as weight gain recommendations. For example, users will get recommendations on how to adjust their diet and exercise regimens to keep them healthy all throughout the pregnancy.

Users can receive reminders on hydration, Kegels, and guidance on common symptoms they might be experiencing. Users can easily update and do their training routine with tips for pregnancy-related questions on exercise.

This, in particular, is very helpful because there are certain workouts that are not recommended for pregnant women. So, expectant mothers can be guided on the dos and don’ts, and the safe and proper execution of different exercise routines.

Garmin loads up new feature for expectant mothers
Garmin loads up new feature for expectant mothers

According to Garmin, this feature is rounded out by “pregnancy-specific symptom tracking.” By keeping track of this information, users will be able to see their changes throughout their pregnancy based on week, month, and trimester.

Users will be able to keep track of their baby’s current size with an object for reference –– like a fruit. And what else?

Aside from the pregnancy-tracking features, Garmin also launched a downloadable Contraction timer app for mothers entering labor. The app provides an interval timer that allows mothers to record the length, frequency, and duration of contraction intervals. Plus, users can also timestamp the start and stop for each interval.

For those that have a compatible Garmin smartwatch, the pregnancy-tracking feature is so easy to access. Just head over to the Women’s Health > Cycle Type > Pregnancy Menu.

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