Gmail's new UI

Gmail’s New Interface Looks Different

Before you realize it, Your Gmail is about to look different!. 

Google had announced an integrated view for Gmail on the browser earlier this year. The new feature began rolling out with a hint of surprise. Google back then used to give users the chance to opt-in or out of an update. However this time it is different. The option to have a choice seems to be out of the question. The selected set of users will have the new Gmail experience by default. 

The new user interface has been rolled out without any alerts. It will have chat and Meet sections in the side panel by default. Initially, when Google introduced this interface it had showcased an option pop-out button which is not available now.

New layout Perks

Gmail’s new navigation allows users to multitask without switching between tabs and windows. Users can switch between inboxes, join meetings or clip in conversations without having to switch between tabs or open windows. It is expected to make the user experience more compatible.

The new Gmail layout. Image Credits: Google Blog

As per Google, the newer layout is applicable across Google Workspace, Business Starter, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Plus, Frontline Plus and Nonprofits, G Suite Basics and Business customers along with Personal Google account user, and Google Workspace Individual users.

Google has announced the launch of its new feature, where the users will see the new Big ‘G’ by default. However, the selected users will still have the option to revert back if they don’t like the new layout. 

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