Google Search has made at-home covid-19 tests easily available

Google Search has made at-home covid-19 tests easily available

At-home COVID-19 tests are now easily available with the help of Google search.

COVID has been an absolute nightmare and still keeps taunting the world. To make things better, Google, with all its effort, is helping out people by giving them updated COVID-19 information. For the better, it also makes it easier for people to locate an at-home testing kit. 

Now, US residents will be able to find at-home covid-19 tests online with a quick Google search;

With Google search we can locate both free delivered through USPS  and in-store tests which can be refunded through insurances. 

All we need to know is that there has been an upward trend in searches for at-home COVID-19 tests on Google search, surging 170% in May. Google search is allowing users to quickly find stores with at-home tests available to purchase. 

It is also highlighting all other readily available buy at-home testing kits at stores, as well as information about local testing. This functionality will be available on Search from this month. 

The advantage of at-home testing kits is that it is easily accessible and you can buy multiple kits for you and your family. There is no necessity to book for a doctor’s appointment or visit a nearby medical center to get tested. 

At-home COVID tests are recommended when you feel that you are infected or have symptoms. The easy way to get your free at-home test kits is through To place an order through this site, you don’t need any proof or IDs, just your name, residential address, and email ID to get the updates to your inbox.  The test kits are also available in the U.S local retailers and pharmacies. 

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The decision to make COVID tests available at-home comes as the United States has shifted to private testing alternatives for infection verification, with large-scale testing becoming less popular in most places. Despite the introduction of novel variations, which have resulted in an increase in infection rates, this remains the case. 

Google stated that it is making it simpler to discover at-home COVID-19 tests, specifically through search, rather than simply from testing sites. If you search for “COVID test,” you’ll now get additional information about at-home testing options, including where to get free tests if they’re available. But if you search for “at-home COVID test near me,” you should be able to get the details of the store details near your location that provides the at-home test kits. 

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