Google Fiber teases '2 Gigabit Internet', available for $100 this fall

Google Fiber teases ‘2 Gigabit Internet’, available for $100 this fall

Another promise for an even faster internet connection, Google Fiber teases 2 Gigabit of internet. That is double the speed from what is currently being offered.

The good news: Google Fiber is looking for people to test this speed update.

This is the perfect offering especially now that so many of us are forced to continue with work and school from the comforts of our own homes.

So, if you are curious to see how to take advantage of this lightning-speed internet connection, stay tuned.

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Google Fiber teases 2-gigabit internet service

Back in 2010, Google Fiber started offering 1-gigabit internet service. But the problem was, at that time, most consumers couldn’t take advantage of that option. Now, Google Fiber is offering an even faster internet speed to hopefully more consumers.

This doubled internet speed is said to be for “customers in internet-intensive households who may need more than a gig to do their thing, whatever that may be.” According to the company, it will cost the consumer $100 a month for 2 gigabits download and 1-gigabit upload.

And that is just $30 more than the existing gigabit plan offering.

Google Fiber doubles its internet speed offering
Google Fiber doubles its internet speed offering

For subscribers who wish to take advantage of this offering, you will be provided with an unspecified Wi-Fi 6 router as well as a mesh extender. Google Fiber says it can now offer faster speeds thanks to its “approach to network design.”

Google Fiber networks are designed so there’s plenty of capacity to allow our customers, with the right in-home hardware, to reach 2 Gig (and even faster) speeds. Our approach to network design allows us to keep our customers connected to the fastest speeds available. 

But there’s a catch: this offering will only be available starting next month in Nashville, Tennessee, and Huntsville, Alabama. And after the preview period, it will be available to consumers in only those two cities later this year.

This pandemic has proven how the internet is essential in this digital age. To adapt to the new normal, many of the tasks we used to do outside our homes – such as work and school – are now done online. Also, many have now turned to stream services for entertainment, news, and more.

That’s why this offering is such welcome news. Testing of the 2-gigabit internet service in other cities will start this fall and will launch in most Google Fiber and Google Fiber Webpass cities in early next year.

Want to try out the 2-gigabit internet connection?

Now, the question remains: how do you sign up for this new plan? As already mentioned, the product will first be launched in Huntsville and Nashville for Google Fiber customers to test.

Google is already planning on expanding the test to other Google Fiber cities this coming fall season. If you are interested in testing the plan, you can sign up then for the Google Fiber Trusted Tester program.

The extent of this pandemic is still unknown, so hopefully, this offering will soon be available nationwide.

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