Google Launches Message Scheduling On Gmail, Expands Smart Compose On More Devices And Languages

Google Launches Message Scheduling On Gmail, Expands Smart Compose On More Devices And Languages

Google just dropped some serious bomb and it was definitely not an April Fools’ Day prank. The tech giant just had a recent update on one of its biggest products, Gmail, that can be very helpful to users.

Exactly fifteen years after going public, there is no doubt that Gmail is the most used mail servicing in the web today. To mark its birthday, Google just announced additional features that will guarantee user convenience.

Schedule Email On Gmail Both On Desktop And Mobile

Probably the most noticeable feature added on Gmail is the “send later” feature. This allows users to compose an email and schedule it to be sent later. This can be so useful when you want to send out an email to people with different time zones from you.

"Send Later" Feature On Gmail
“Send Later” Feature On Gmail

It can also be useful particularly for businesses who have clients from different countries, as they can schedule emails and the receive the email on the recipient’s business hours.

In order to be able to schedule an email, tap in on the icon next to the Send button. Then, you can schedule an email to be sent later.

How To Schedule Email On Gmail
How To Schedule Email On Gmail

Gmail offers a couple of preset options for scheduling the email. But users also can manually set a time and date for an email if they wish.

Preset And Manual Options For Scheduling Emails
Preset And Manual Options For Scheduling Emails

Once you have set a time and date for an email, Gmail will then notify you. And you will have the option to “undo” the schedule.

Being able to send an email anytime and anywhere would be very convenient. And how much more if you also get to use this feature anytime and anywhere as well.

Well, you do not have to worry because this feature is available on both Gmail desktop and mobile.

Another Feature: Smart Compose

In May of last year, the tech giant announced a Smart Compose feature on Gmail, leveraging on AI to help users create drafts as they type. It is an auto-complete for the emails, with phrases suggestions as you type.

Though the Smart Compose arrived a little later for Gmail users on the web. And Google already announced back in October that it will be bringing the Smart Compose feature on the Gmail app starting off with the latest version on Pixel lineup of Android devices.

Smart Compose Feature
Smart Compose Feature

Now, the feature will be coming to the rest of Android devices. And very very soon, iOS users will also get to experience the Smart Compose feature as well.

Smart Compose In Many Languages

The Smart Compose feature was only previously available in English. Now, Gmail has added in four new additional languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French and Italian.

Google is definitely making Smart Compose more useful by enabling the feature to adapt to the user’s unique style. You will find that the phrases being suggested are really your own way of writing an email.

May it be in a casual way of not, Gmail will suggest a line that will accurately depict on your next words. And mind you, in most times Gmail is very accurate.

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