Google Meet now allows 500 participants in a call

Google Meet now allows 500 participants in a call

Double the limit.

Google Meet now allows 500 participants in a single call. Now that is insane, right?

The video-conference service is now doubling the limit of the number of people who can participate in its calls.

This new feature is available for Workspace users who have a Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, or Education Plus license.


Google is doubling the participants in Meet calls

Getting in touch with directives across small-to-medium-sized companies or specific departments can sometimes be difficult. One resorts to some sort of closed-circuit satellite setup.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this setup since not everyone has the resources. Or perhaps they can just count on Google Meet for their daily, weekly, or monthly conferences.

Now, Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow more participants in a call.

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Google is doubling the participants in Meet calls
Google is doubling the participants in Meet calls

The tech company is doubling its limit in the number of participants in a Meet session. Now, up to 500 people can join a call. This is very suited for hosts who want to do virtual concerts, conferences, or meetings with the whole company.

But if you didn’t know it yet, you can live stream your call for up to 100,000 participants simultaneously only if it is mostly unidirectional and requires little to no interaction with your participants.

However, it is only now that you can host 500 people –– may it be employees or students –– all at the same time in an interactive call.

And because of this change, hosts can now create breakout rooms, let each participant take turns speaking, allow for higher quality, and more collaborative sessions.

Previously, Enterprise accounts has a limit of 250 participants in one active call.

The increased limit is now rolling out to Workspace tiers across both Rapid and Scheduled release domains right away. In the next few days, you will already have your limit increased. Or perhaps, it is already been implemented for you.

Plus, you do not need to do anything to have your limit increased –– just sit tight, start a call, invite participants, and enjoy.

With this new feature, Google hopes that organizations will be able to collaborate with their employees, colleagues, customers, and clients more effectively.

Urgent updates can easily be disseminated across large companies with hundreds of employees and offices scattered across the globe.

But a word of warning: this increase in limit also comes with a level of chaos, especially that there are too many people at once.

Thankfully, Google also adds in Meet’s new audio and video locks which will keep disruptive participants at bay. Also, this will help manage the crowd.

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