Google Photos update now makes it easier to find and share photos

Google Photos update now makes it easier to find and share photos

We all know this too well: our smartphones probably have a lot of photos and videos than we intend to. So much so that it takes out most of our storage space. I, for one, am guilty of that.

If you are a digital hoarder, Google Photos still is one of the most natural places to dump all those memories that you have accumulated through the years.

And since those well-kept memories, it is only safe to store them in a cloud. And Google has just given you another reason why Google Photos is the best one for the job.


Google Photos updates with a couple of useful features

Good memories stay in our hearts and minds forever, even the not-so-good ones. However, it’s good to reminisce them in photos and videos from time to time –– makes you have that trip down memory lane.

And what better way to do that than store it in a cloud service such as Google Photos especially when they just won’t fit in your phone storage anymore.

It’s also a good way to protect them in case your phone breaks down, reset your data, or if you have accidentally deleted a photo/video.

Now, Google is sharing details on how it’s going to make your Google Photos experience even better. The app is getting a notable layout redesign that allows you to browse, find, and share photos much easier.

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Starting off, the revision to the Library tab. The interface has been redesigned to place tabs on the top of the screen for quick and convenient filtering.

With just a single tap, you can easily narrow down your view to just albums, shared albums, favorites, and on-device folders.

This new layout replaces the current version which keeps some specialty folders at the top, a carousel row dedicated to on-device photos, and then your list of regular and shared albums.

This view keeps the sorting options but switches layouts between a list based on your sorting options and a two-column grid.

As you can see above, you can find the special folders moved at the bottom of the Library tab. Also, they will be joined by a brand new button dedicated to importing both physical and digital photos and videos.

It will then take you to a new page where assistance to transfer photos from digital cameras and other cloud-based storage services such as Facebook and iCloud, adding photos and videos from local storage, or scanning them using your phone or external digitizer are offered.

Next is the Sharing tab. This one has its own upgrades coming which is ironically very similar to the now-old version of the Libray tab.

In the past, the Sharing tab has shown a single list that merges all your shared albums, shared links, and conversations. Now, the new design screen breaks up each of these types into its own groups for easy browsing and maintenance. Also, partner sharing is at the top, followed by shared albums, conversations, then links.

Screenshot folder
Screenshot folder

A new shortcut has been added on top of the main photo grid so you can quickly access maps and other things you’ve snapped recently. In addition, Google is coming out with intelligent features that will appear when you view a screenshot.

You will see options to do things such as copy text, crop, search with Google Lens, and many more.

Finally, Google is aiming to roll out the updated Sharing tab to Android devices this week and iOS devices are anticipated to follow shortly after.

Changes to the Library tab and the new screenshot shortcut do not have a clear timeline yet, nonetheless should appear on all devices over the course of the next weeks.

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