Google Pixel 4a camera reviews leak, giving iPhone SE a run for its money

Google Pixel 4a camera reviews leak, giving iPhone SE a run for its money

If there is one thing Google Pixel smartphones are known for, it is its amazing picture-taking capabilities.

The tech company has another way of taking camera shots to a whole new level. And the highly-anticipated Pixel 4a is no exemption to that.

The newest Pixel smartphone is set to launch later this month – a follow-up to the 2019 mid-range Pixel 3a. As leaks have continued to leak, we somewhat have an idea of what the Pixel 4a might look like and what are under its hood.

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Pixel 4a is expected to come in only one size and is expected to cost $400 at launch. This smartphone will be pitting with other mid-range smartphones from other EOMs such as Apple iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A51.

But the one area the smartphone is expected to really shine – its use of the Google Camera app.

Now, thanks to camera review leaks, we will no longer imagine how stunning could the pictures get with Pixel 4a.

Camera review leaks stunning images taken by Google’s upcoming Pixel 4a

Admit it…

When looking at smartphones you would always consider its camera specs before taking a pick.

Although Pixel smartphones are not known for its best-in-class hardware, its excellent picture-taking capabilities almost always seal the deal.

Now, thanks to camera review shared by Julio Lusson, a Cuban YouTuber who runs the channel TecnoLike Plus, we now have an idea of its camera performance.

Julio Lusson is also the YouTuber who gave us the first glimpse of the Pixel 4a look back in March. Over the last few, he has been taking pictures from the pre-release device.

However, you would like to note that Julio’s Pixel 4a is running a pre-release firmware build. This means we expect Google to still have tuned the camera processing in its final launch.

On the other hand, Julio downloaded the latest version on its Google Camera app. But we do not know yet the version that will come pre-installed in the final units.

Camera Specifications

Basing on the screenshots of the camera sent by Julio to XDA Developers, here is what awaits the users.

DevCheck (Photo credits to owner)
DevCheck (Photo credits to owner)

The Pixel 4a has a single rear camera (much like the iPhone SE) which features a 12.2-megapixel Sony IMX363 sensor with an f/1.73 aperture lens and 1.4µm pixel size. And the front-facing camera features an 8-megapixel Sony IMX355 sensor with an f/2.0 aperture lens and 1.14µm pixel size.

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Most notably, the Sony IMX363 is the same primary rear camera sensor found on the Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 4 phones. While Sony IMX355 is the primary sensor found on the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a.

Device Info Hardware (Photo credits to owner)
Device Info Hardware (Photo credits to owner)

In the info apps report, it has been found that the rear camera lens has a horizontal viewing angle of 65.6°. Meanwhile, the front-facing camera lens has a horizontal viewing angle of 72.4°.

Next, the apps report that the front-facing camera is fixed-focus and supports EIS but not OIS, while the rear camera supports both OIS and EIS with auto-focus.

Pixel 4a Camera Samples

Now, this is the part we all have been waiting for.

The photos below were taken by Julio Lusson and published in XDA Developers.

Portrait Mode

One of the major features of the Google Camera app on Pixel phones is the Portrait Mode.

It allows for a “professional-looking shallow depth-of-field images”, according to Google. When this feature is enabled, the camera zooms in a bit – 1.5x for the rear camera and 1.2x for the front camera – and reduces perspective distortion which then leads to better portrait photos.

And just like the other Pixel phones, the Pixel 4a can still use Portrait Mode even with a single camera.

Outdoor Samples

Another major feature of the Google Camera app is HDR+. This feature takes continuous burst shots with short exposures, plus the sharpest images are aligned and combined to produce an image with a high dynamic range.

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The HDR+ is an old feature that dates back to Google’s Nexus 5 and 6.

Astrophotography Samples

Don’t you just love it when brands come up with new innovations on their smartphones?

Astrophotography is a new and exciting feature of the Google Camera app which was introduced with Pixel 4. This feature allows you to take photos of the starry sky. It expands upon the existing “Night Sight” camera mode that enabled handheld long exposure shots.

The Astrophotography feature requires the user to enable Night Sight then leave the phone completely still for a couple of minutes while it captures multiple exposures. You would want to put your phone on a tripod or stand for this one though.

Low Light Sample Photos

The Night Sight feature is what is responsible for the amazing low light shots of the Pixel smartphones. Basically, it made the handsets a household name.

See for yourself…

Zoom Samples

While the Pixel 4 has dual rear cameras with a secondary telephoto rear, which allows for an improved Portrait Mode shots and crisp 2x optical zoom and up to 8x digital zoom, the Pixel 4a does not have a secondary camera.

However, the Super Res Zoom helps it take passable zoomed-in shots at up to 8x magnification.

Below photos were shot with 1x, 3x, and 8x zoom.

Indoor photo samples

Finally, the indoor shots also yield very impressive results.

Pixel 4a capturing every moment beautifully…

Google’ Pixel 4a is only just a few weeks before its launch. Seeing the camera samples just gives us an idea of what to expect with the mid-range smartphone.

It’s like hitting all the checkboxes that most consider in smartphones – the pricetag and the camera specs.

Did those photos get you off the edge of your seat? Click on this link to view more and uncompressed photos taken by the Pixel 4a smartphone.

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