Google Play Store redesigned with a new Offers section

Google Play Store redesigned with a new Offers section

It seems that Google keeps redesigning Play Store but not everyone finds them very functional at all.

Now, a new section of the platform has been added in a new redesigned update. The ‘Offers’ section is the fifth option at the bottom bar and it is apparently separate from the existing ‘Offers & notifications’ section in the account switcher.

What does this new section do then?


New ‘Offers’ section added to Google’s Play Store

Back in October, the Play Store got a Material You redesign and it was pretty straightforward in a way that it only touched the home screen. Now, the company adds another section in the app that makes the bottom bar a little too crowded.

Currently, the Play Store is comprised of four tabs –– Games, Apps, Movies, and Books. But if you are subscribed to Play Pass, that’s when you get an additional shortcut in the bottom bar.

Now, a new ‘Offers’ tab will be placed in between the “Apps” and “Movies & TV”, spotted by the folks from 9To5Google. The tab uses the regular tag icon. This tab shouldn’t be confused with the already existing ‘Offers and Notifications’.

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The new ‘Offers’ tab will bring up carousels with games’ or apps’ cover images, complete with details and the end date of the deal.

So, all the limited-time specials or paid apps that will be free for a limited time will be displayed in this tab.

You can access the current Offers & notifications section simply by tapping on your profile picture on the Play Store.

On the other hand, the redesigned update, the existing Offers & notifications will only bring up a heavily curated list of offers. It will also offer to add in a promo code if you’ve got one.

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The new Offers tab is not available to everyone just yet. Also, it is still unclear if it’s in the limited testing phase and if ever this redesign will push through.

Additionally, the report says that the feature has only been spotted in one instance that’s why they say it is still in limited testing.

On the brighter note, if the feature goes live in the future for all users, then the addition will make it easier for app and game developers to push their offerings and promos directly.

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