Google might have accidentally revealed Android 11's release date

Google might have accidentally revealed Android 11’s release date

To say that the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many businesses into disorder might be an understatement. Big companies like Google were among the ones that had been hit hard.

The pandemic has forced the tech giant to delay the launch of the Pixel 4a, and it’s not even certain that the phone will make a debut at all. The company has also canceled its annual I/O conference this year, forcing it to use videos to get the word out across developers about its latest OS version and its features.

And one of those videos may have just slipped an in important detail regarding the Android 11 – its release date. Yes, Google might just have accidentally revealed the release date of the Android 11.

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Android 11’s coming this September 8th

Android 11's coming this September 8th
Android 11’s coming this September 8th

According to Google itself, the Android 11’s release date is this coming September 8th. The video in question – which is no longer available – is from the “Hey Google” Smart Home Summit. It seems that the tech giant randomly allowed the Android 11 launch date out into the open.

In the video, Google’s smart home product manager Michele Turner reminds developers of the things they need to do to ensure their services are ready for the changes coming to Assistant in the latest Android 11.

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Android 11's launch date revealed
Android 11’s launch date revealed

As Turner talks about the App Flip and Deeplinking, the date September 8th has been casually inserted. Although, the date is not really surprising. Google’s last few versions of Android have been launched around the same time.

For instance, Android 10 was revealed on September 3rd of last year. And because Google’s operations have been disrupted by the pandemic, many thought the Android 11’s launch will be pushed back considerably.

Ready or not, here it comes

For those who don’t know it, the Android 11 has been available for testing since earlier this year. There were already several Developer Preview builds you could try installing by manually flashing the image.

Google was even able to sneak in one more Developer Preview than it initially planned because of the COVID-19 delays. Since Android 11 is now in the beta phase, this allows you to get an OTA update to Android 11 Beta on your Pixel devices.

Android 11 Beta is only available to Pixel devices
700Android 11 Beta is only available to Pixel devices

More privacy protection, notification history, an improved power menu, quicker access to media controls are among the features Android 11 is bringing. However, the possibility of further delay is still not out of the table.

It could be that the video was recorded before Google made an internal decision to delay the launch. If Android 11’s launch won’t come this September 8th, most Android users won’t know the difference anyway. Only Pixel device users will get the latest Android version on launch day.

Many Android users will have to wait for at least three months for flagship phones to get the latest Android version. Luckily, OnePlus users will not have to wait that long. With only a month or so, OnePlus might get Android 11 ready for their recent smartphones.

Unfortunately for budget phone users, they will have to wait for over a year or not get the latest OS version at all.

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