Google tries out an even darker 'dark mode' for its Android apps

Google tries out an even darker ‘dark mode’ for its Android apps

There is not a single Android user whose smartphone is not on dark mode, or at least almost all. Dark mode has become increasingly popular over the past years.

In fact, most of the apps that we use on a daily even support a dark mode. And most Google apps are out of the question, even the Search app itself supports dark mode.

Last week, we saw a development that the company is making, it is testing out a pitch-black theme on search results in the web version. Now, there is a follow-up with an even darker shade for its Android apps –– now appearing in beta version.


Google tests a darker ‘dark mode’ on Android

Just like the changes from last week’s Search, the Google apps on Android have been updated with an even darker ‘dark mode’ too, appearing on today’s beta.

Primarily, the change applies to the background of Google Discover. Rather than the light gray (#202124), the updated dark mode is now closer to black (#171717) –– from the Google logo down to everything.

Even the background of the pill-shaped search field has been updated too, however, there is no change to the light gray bottom bar.

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Also, you can see a similar change at the top of the Search results page, but the actual list of links remains unchanged. And, there are no changes noticed to Assistant Snapshot.

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If you didn’t know it yet, the web change is still not widely rolled out. But unlike it, the updated Google app ‘dark mode’ is live in the beta channel version 13.8.

The above photos show the difference in the updated shade. The updated one is just a darker shade of gray, though a much closer shade to black.

Many claim that the darker shade is pretty much nicer than what the app formerly had. And more noticeably, the darker shade of the background contrasts a lot better with search results.

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Currently, the redesign is available to download from the latest 13.8 beta from the Google Play Store or from APKMirror. Unfortunately, it is not yet widely rolled out.

But it should not be much longer until it comes out of a stable channel. So, if you want to wait for it, you can also do so.

At this juncture, it is still not clear whether these changes to the ‘dark mode’ are specific to Google Search or whether the darker ‘dark mode’ will reach other Google apps too.

One thing’s for sure, the darker the shade, the better. And especially with smartphones with AMOLED screens, then the darker ‘dark mode’ looks particularly good.

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