Google TV Can Now Be Used By Multiple People At The Same Time

Google TV Can Now Be Used By Multiple People At The Same Time

Google TV is finally gaining one of its most desired features- multi-user profile support, after launching in October of last year.

Google TV is a rebranding of Google’s Android TV OS—Android, but with a big-screen UI tailored for televisions. While some Android TV boxes are still available, Google is apparently planning to take out the “Android TV” brand by 2022 in favor of utilizing the Google TV branding everywhere. The next version of Android TV would be Google TV.

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What Are The Benefits Of This Feature?

One of the most notable aspects of the Chromecast with Google TV, which was released in late 2020, was the Google TV software and dashboard. Google’s most recent attempt to get its services in front of your eyes while you’re watching TV was a launcher. It prioritizes personalization and smart recommendations, as long as you’re a one-person household. 

Google TV only supported one user profile at first, but after introducing kid profiles, you don’t have to watch endless Baby Shark-related recommendations, Google pledges to offer more. That functionality has finally arrived after a long wait and a gradual deployment.

How Many Users Are Allowed To Use?

The new update by Google allows up to 12 profiles on a single connected TV device. It also makes the app downloads and login details  visible  excluding the kid’s profile.

How To Add Profile On Google TV?

 Google services using multiple accounts
Google services using multiple accounts

On your Google TV, you may create several user-profiles and check in to Google services using multiple accounts. Your media and activity are synced across all of your signed-in devices. Profiles may not be available on all televisions at this time.

Scroll to your profile image or initial in the top right corner of the Google TV home screen.

Step 1: Choose your name, then click + Add account.

Step 2: Select Create a new account.

Step 3: Sign in to the Google Account you’d like to link.

Step 4: Complete the profile setup by following the steps.

Step 5: Choose which streaming services you’d like to use with this account.

How To Remove Or Manage Profiles?

  • Go to the user profile image or initial in the top right corner of the Google TV home screen and select Settings.
  • Select the profile you want to delete from Accounts & Sign In.
  • Remove account, then Remove account.

How To Remove Your Profile if You Can’t Use Your TV Screen?

  • Go to your device in your Google Account on your phone or computer.
  • Make sure you’re using the same Google account on both your computer and your Google TV device.
  • Select the Google TV device from which you want to deactivate your account.
  • Sign out is the option.

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