Google updates the Search app with a continuous scroll in the US

Google updates the Search app with a continuous scroll in the US

Notice how Google’s search results have this continuous scroll feature now? That is because Google just updated the Search app.

The app has now adapted to social media’s topography. On mobile devices, Google’s search results are now displayed in one continuous scroll instead of multiple pages.

The “see more” or “next page” will no longer be on the search results page. Users can now enjoy the undisturbed scrolling until they get to the result that they need.

Sometimes, the little feature addition is what matters the most and this new Google update is a testament to that.


A more modernized Google search results now available for users in the US

It is not always that when every time we search for something on Google, the results that we need are on the first page. If so, we need to go to the next page to look for the results until we are satisfied.

We know all this too well, when we click the next page we will have to wait a little while for everything to load. And it does not help if your internet connection is too slow too.

Now it seems that Google is now eliminating all that for you. The company has announced a change in the Search app that now lets you enjoy a continuous scroll in the search results.

The news is not as big as the Pixel 6 launch, however, it’s a piece of welcome news –– the one that we didn’t think we would need. According to Google’s announcement, the updated design is more “intuitive” for users and encourages curiosity in our Information Age.

However, to make it clear, Google notes that the “continuous scroll” does not mean “infinite scroll.” Instead, this new design just lets users view the equivalent of four full pages then a “See More” button appears at the bottom.

Additionally, the continuous scroll could also offer Google more flexibility when it comes to ad placement. Rather than limiting ads to the top of the results page, they could utilize the longer page and have ads inserted as the users move down to the results page. This is kind of like how ads appear on social media feeds.

Other key aspects of the updated Google Search design

The continuous scroll is not the only update you will see though, other key aspects of the redesign include larger text, strip back on design elements, as well as color to highlight significant information. All of these make it easier for search results to consume.

The redesign is deemed to have that sense of “approachability” and “familiarity” were the goals in this update, leaning towards rounder imagery.

It was announced earlier this year that Google will make changes to the Search app for a modern redesign of the results page. The company aims to make it easier to read through.

Furthermore, Google says the new continuous scroll feature is now beginning to roll out in the US today.

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