Google Workspace: A Robust all-in-one Platform to be More Productive at Work

Whether working from home or at an office, we have to deal with a variety of apps and tools to be more efficient and stay connected with our co-workers. Giving presentations, video conferencing with team members, tabulating data on flowcharts, getting news updates, or penning a story or a blog–these are just a few aspects of a daily work life calling for greater organization and efficiency.

We get this stuff done using smart applications like Docs, Drive, Meet, PowerPoint, Sheets, and many more applications. In an effort to rebrand and redesign its suite of tools, Google has announced its new platform under the name Google Workspace; basically a merging of Gmail, Chat, and Docs. Instead of spending time switching between tabs or apps, you’ll be able to utilize your time more productively. Long story short, Google Workspace enables you to better connect, communicate, create, and collaborate.

In its blog post, Google says that Google Workspace is “everything you need to get anything done, now in one place.” Google has brought three key features into Workspace as follows:

  1. A state-of-the-art user experience for effective collaboration, connection and powering customer experiences digitally.
  2. An updated brand identity placing emphasis on product vision and coordination of tools.
  3. Innovative ways to fine-tune solutions based on customer needs.
Google Workspace allows the users to better connect, collaborate, and communicate with their teams

You’ll never again need to juggle between tools to access your files and documents. Google Workspace’s integrated user experience allows you to access everything from one place, be it communications tools like email, messaging, and video calls, or content management. Additionally, businesses can invite their customers and brand partners to the company’s Chat and Drive via guest access features. Businesses will also be able to create a chat room with their partners very soon.

At present, this new user experience is available only to Google Workspace’s paid customers. However, in only a few months, consumers will be able to take advantage of this new user experience and be able to form groups, chat rooms, plan an event, and better collaborate using Google tools.

Work efficiency has been Google’s top priority while developing this platform and thus has brought in a few very interesting features. One such feature allows you to open a linked file in Docs and other tools without opening a new tab. This will save time switching tabs and help you work more efficiently.

Now users will also be able to mention a person from their contact list, irrespective of their association with the user’s organization in a document. Moreover, it will also suggest actions like chat via mail, message or video call and adding to contacts.

By adding people onto projects and documents, users will be able to work right from the same page (Source:

Apart from this, Meet Picture-in-Picture feature, which is currently available in Gmail and Chat, will now be extended to Docs, Sheets, and Slides aiding in better customer interactions while presenting your idea, a project, or a document. The customer’s non-verbal language can be better understood in face-to-face meetings rather than just sending the files over by mail.

Meet Picture-in-Picture feature will enable the users to establish stronger connections with their customers and clients (Source:

Giving the brand a new identity, Google looks to downsize the gaps between its tools and coordinate and combine them all together. Therefore, Google has designed new four-color icons for Drive, Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Meet, and Slides like Lens, Files, News, Fit, and One to form unified collaborative and communication experiences under a parent brand, Google. So finally, after years of using the red and white Gmail icon, Gmail is all set to get a makeover with its four-colored icon.

Google Workspace would also be used by Google’s education and nonprofit customers. The education customers can still get the benefits of Google tools using the G Suite. On the other hand, the nonprofit customers can cash in on the G Suite via the Google for Nonprofits program.

Google has also been working on its editions to provide curated services to its customers and help them use Google Workspace to its fullest potential. Its plans for small and large enterprises are crystal clear and look to serve their needs with new and improved methods.

Google Workspace plans for businesses (Source:

In conclusion, after decade-long efforts to improve systems for enterprises as well as individuals, Google Workspace seems like a robust, revolutionary, and game-changing platform. With its promise to make work more flexible and productive, Google is putting on a good show with Google Workspace.

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