Huawei Watch GT Launched In India. Is It More Of A Smartwatch Or A Fit Tracker?

Huawei Watch GT Launched In India. Is It More Of A Smartwatch Or A Fit Tracker?

The Huawei Watch GT have been doing its rounds in the US market for a month now. And finally, Huawei’s addition to its wearables has launched in India. Much to the delight of the fans, the Watch GT will become available in starting March 19th.

Fans who have been waiting since its announcement last October last year were ecstatic to hear the news. Fans can finally bag the brand new watch that has the most elegant design for a wearable.

The most highlighted feature of the Watch GT is the two-week battery life. People are mind-blown with its battery life, but is not what the watch has offer.

But much to the debate of the people, is this wearable more of a smartwatch or a fit tracker? Let us discuss the details here.

Huawei Watch GT Design

Huawei Watch GT Design
Huawei Watch GT Design

When it comes to a casual wear, the Watch GT does not fall flat. It’s elegant design is perfect for all occasion.

The stainless steel is water resistant up to five atmospheres, while being accented with plastic and ceramic on the back part. On the other hand, the band  sports silicone on the skin-facing side to protect the leather from sweat.

This move is deemed to be very smart and strategic. And that is what the Huawei Watch GT design stand out from other smart watches.

Huawei Watch GT Display

Huawei definitely settle for anything less. The Watch GT boasts a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with rich colors and high pixel density.

And the display also is what gives the Huawei Watch GT the smartphone impression. The watch also has a simple user-interface that would not be a problem for any type of users.

You can easily scroll through several watch faces and simply swipe in for settings and apps. You will also receive notifications from your connected smartphones.

Huawei Lite OS

It may look like the typical smartwatch, but Huawei did not opt for Google’s Android Wear. Instead, Huawei created its own – Lite OS.

The thing about the Lite OS is that you can’t download apps on your Watch GT other than the built-in app by Huawei. You can only hope that Huawei will be adding more apps in the coming update.

Huawei Health Companion App

Huawei Watch GT Fit Tracker
Huawei Watch GT Fit Tracker

The Watch GT’s main function would probably be health and fitness tracking. It includes a sleep tracking tech from Harvard Medical School. This watch definitely targets outdoor enthusiasts, fitness fanatics, and athletes.

So you can fully make use of its features, including the sleep tracker, if you partner it with the Huawei Health app on your smartphone. You can opt to enable or disable the Huawei Trusleep and the heart-rate monitoring through the app.

How Much Does Huawei Watch GT Cost?

Following its launch in India, the Watch GT will be priced at Rs 15,990 for Sports Edition and Rs 16,990 for the Classic Edition. And this will be available in Amazon India starting March 19.

Meanwhile, in the US the Huawei Watch GT was launched last month and is up for grabs for $199.99 and $299.99 for Sports Edition and Classic Edition respectively.

Huawei Watch GT Pros And Cons

Just like any other wearables there are pros and cons with the Huawei Watch GT.


  • Most elegant-looking smartwatch
  • The two-week battery life is very impressive
  • Continuous heart-rate monitoring and step tracking are pretty accurate


  • Lite OS is pretty simple and it does not allow users to download apps other than the already preloaded ones by Huawei
  • You can’t respond or do anything to the notifications
  • There is no Wi-Fi, microphone and speaker on the hardware

Last Words

Admittedly, the Huawei Watch GT has limited apps in comparison to other smartwatches in the market right now. But what it is good at is being a fit tracker.

So, if you are looking for a companion in your workout routine but disguised as a elegant and chic hybrid for smartwatch, then hit the racks and get yourself the Huawei Watch GT.

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