Microsoft 365 services hit by a major outage

Microsoft 365 services hit by a major outage

If you experienced an error in your Microsoft 365, you are not alone.

Microsoft 365 experienced a major outage Monday night, affecting many users’ access to its services including Outlook, Word, Excel, and Microsoft Teams.

To everyone’s relief, the company was able to fix the issue and restore the service.

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Many users across the globe have been affected by the outage, can’t access Word, Outlook, and more

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“Starting at approximately 21:25 UTC, a subset of customers in the Azure Public and Azure Government cloud may encounter errors performing authentication operations for a number of Microsoft/Azure services, including access to the Azure Portals,” the company posted as a status post.

Also in another post, the company said that users won’t be able to access,, Teams, Power Platform, and Dynamics365.

Shortly after that, the company then posted in their Twitter account that they are currently investigating the issue that affects users’ access to its services.

Initially, the company attributed the outage to a recent change to the platform.

However, later on, they said that it was “not observing an increase in successful connections after rolling back a recent change. We’re working to evaluate additional mitigation solutions while we investigate the root cause.”

The company indicated that a specific portion of its infrastructure was not processing authentication requests in a timely manner. And because of this, there was an uproar by the many users greatly affected by the outage.

Some users took to Twitter to express their frustration over the lack of service with some saying, “It‘s getting business-critical. We have offices all over the US just waiting and doing nothing. That‘s the problem with trusting you with all the SAML authentification for local applications. Everything is down now.”

Many also complained that the outage meant they would miss job deadlines, interviews, as well as college assignments and quizzes for students.

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However, for some users, they saw this as an opportunity to not do any work. One Twitter user said, “A moment ago nothing was working, then I went into files in Teams and it was working, but now nothing is working. Well, I guess I now have an excuse to not do work and watch TV.”

Microsoft is looking into the cause of the outage

At around 00:40 UTC, the tech company saw some improvement across multiple services, and at around 1:20 UTC, Microsoft confirmed, “we’re continuing to see significant improvement for affected services and most users should be experiencing relief.”

And finally at 4:00 UTC, the company resolved the issue. “We’ve confirmed that the residual issue has been addressed and the incident has been resolved. ” They went on to acknowledge that any users still experiencing impact should see this mitigated shortly,

At this time, it is still unknown exactly how many users were affected by the outage.

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