Microsoft Web browser retires after 26 years of long service

Microsoft Web browser retires after 26 years of long service

Microsoft’s debut web browser ‘Internet explorer’ retired on Wednesday after a three-decade run. The browser that served as the first gateway tunnel to the world of webs is laid to rest.

Windows Explorer was introduced in 1995 as an add-on package for Windows 95 beating the Netscape and later followed to introduce newer versions.  Explorer grew to a lion’s share with reportedly 95 percent of its user share peak happening in 2002. Later as newer browsers were introduced to the market the heap took a downfall.  The user base saw a gradual down-float in the year post-2003. However, till 2009 they managed to achieve a 65 percent market share. But there was a steady decline in the share post-2000s. The recent statistics show a market share of not less than one percent. The announcement for the closing of the browser came earlier in May 2015 however the services were completely cut off on June 15, 2022.

The introduction of Microsoft edge in 2015 was a gradual push for the newer version and an intensive fade-out for Windows explorer. The users who try to open windows with the blue screen are now directed towards the Microsoft edge page which is the green and blue page. 

Has closing the Microsoft web browser taken the world by storm?

Little was the world taken by surprise with the closure of the Internet, although netizens did take the social media page to shower their condolences on the Microsoft web browser.

 Among others, Japan and  South Korea were the loyalists who were the only countries among those who muddled in a sense of panic with the closure of Internet explorer. Tokyo-based internet agencies were hoping to have an extended era of Internet Explorer or the dates of retirement might get to an extent; both didn’t tend to happen.

Internet Explorer was most used in South Korea and Japan. South Korea was legally asked to use explorer for online shopping and Korea till 2014. 

South Korea commemorated the death of the Internet Explorer, by erecting a memorial in the city of Gyeongju for Microsoft Explorer..The cemetery edict says that “He was a good tool to download other browsers”.

Earlier this year Bill Gates was mocked for asking people to get vaccinated, as there were rumors claiming that the vaccine has got microchips, and now a year later as Internet Explorer dies, The daily show took a dig at bill Gates on Twitter and bill gates responded with a wit that, he has run out of microchips and explorer died of the same reason.

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