Mozilla Firefox’s anti-tracking feature adds per account VPN for more privacy

With cybercriminals everywhere deploying their annovative ways to exploit victims, companies could only strengthen their privacy features.

And it is so timely that Mozilla has announced a significant boost for its VPN services as it looks to offer mobile users with improved privacy tools.

The web browser is adding its Multi-Account Containers with its VPN service, making your online presence even more secure. Moreover, your work and personal browsing histories separate.


Mozilla offers VPN service for a more secure experience

Firefox’s Multi-Account Containers has been an available add-on since 2017. It works to “contain” your various online personas into separate tabs that you will be able to label with colors, icons, and names.

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Each container holds your browsing histories. They also stores cookies and tracking information that allows you to sign into different accounts on the same site by simply clicking over to another container.

Mozilla offers VPN service for a more secure experience
Mozilla offers VPN service for a more secure experience

And to add to Firefox’s anti-tracking features is Mozilla’s VPN that comes with a distinct advantage –– the ability to hide your location across containers.

In a blog post, Mozilla explains that you can connect each of your online personals with a different server. For example, if you are traveling abroad but want to check your online bank account back home.

The add-on’s perfect for browsing for local shops in one tab while managing your personal finances on the other from a server near your hometown.

Now, this is the fun part. When combined with the Multi-Account Containers add-on, Mozilla’s VPN service can help hide your web activity even more. It is also hard for servers to track you based on where you are accessing a site from.

Imagine being able to see what’s trending on social media in different countries at the same time. Also, it’s a good privacy tool to avoid unwanted eyes and see a connection between your different online personas.

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Mozilla's Multi-Account Containers
Mozilla’s Multi-Account Containers

Mozilla’s VPN came out in 2020 which is relatively late. It’s new Mozilla VPN 2.7 release will offer a multi-hop feature –– first announced back in September for desktop computers and mobile too.

The feature lets you direct your online activity to two different servers, further hiding up your traces online.

Furthermore, the company announced that it is adding support for the multi-hop feature for both Mozilla VPN Android and iOS apps.

And to help you, Mozilla offers instructions on how to add Multi-Account Containers to Mozilla VPN and also how to turn on the multi-hop feature on your mobile.

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