OnePlus 8/8 Pro May 2020 security patch update brings in new camera features, system optimization, and more

OnePlus 8/8 Pro May 2020 security patch update brings in new camera features, system optimization, and more

Do you have the brand new OnePlus 8/8 Pro series phone?

Well, today might just be your lucky day. OnePlus is rolling out May 2020 security patch update to the 8 and 8 Pro series, starting today.

The update is going to be Oxygen OS 10.5.8 and 10.5.10 respectively.  These updates bring in new bug fixes and optimizations to both smartphones. Apparently, this is pretty common for OnePlus phones after they go on sale – get a few bug fixing and optimization updates.

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May 2020 security update changelog


  • Optimized the touch and interaction experience
  • Optimized the expanded screenshot user experience for some scenes
  • Optimized the power consumption performance of the system, the battery life extended to be longer than ever
  • Optimized the wireless charging stability, providing better user experience (OnePlus 8 Pro only)
  • Optimized the pocket mode to reduce mistouches
  • Optimized the unlocking animation, making the unlock transition smoother
  • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020.05
  • Updated GMS package to 2020.03


  • Added the “Delete” button in the notification bar of incoming messages
  • Added keyword whitelist option in SMS blocking settings, the messages with the specified keywords will not be blocked


  • Newly added H.265 HEVC codec to reduce video storage size seamlessly, capture and shoot more without compromising on quality
  • Added auto ultra-wide-angle lens feature when shooting at close range to improve the picture quality of edges (OnePlus 8 Pro only)
  • Optimized the click animation for the camera shutter, boosting the smoothness of the photo-taking experience
  • Improved the shooting experience with the camera and improved stability


  • Network improvements for Europe Operators implemented (EU builds only)
  • Improved the stability of communication
  • Improved the performance and stability of Wi-Fi transfers
  • Optimized network latency for online games and improved the smoothness

Game Space

  • Added Epic Games in Game Space. With one-step installation, check out Fortnite and many other Epic Games, all from Game Space (Indian builds only)

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Some interesting new features…

This month’s security sure has a long changelog. But let us point out some interesting new features.

There were a lot of optimizations in the system itself. This includes optimizing the touch and interaction experience, expanded screenshot user experience for some scenes, an extension of battery life, and more.

However, there are updates that are only available for specific builds such as the network improvements for Europe Operators for EU builds only. Also, another interesting feature is the addition of Epic Games Store in Game Space for Indian units. Actually, all the currently supported OnePlus devices received it in their recent updates.

One interesting update is on the smartphone's camera – the addition of H.265 HEVC codec
One interesting update is on the smartphone’s camera – the addition of H.265 HEVC codec

Now, one of the highlights of the update – camera update. OnePlus has added the H.265 HEVC codec. This reduces video storage size seamlessly, allowing you to shoot and capture more without having to compromise the quality.

Fun fact: YouTube has 2 billion active users monthly worldwide
Fun fact: YouTube has 2 billion active users monthly worldwide

Over the years, we have seen the rise in popularity of video-sharing platforms such as YouTube, and more people have been vlogging so this update is very essential.

Sounds fun, right?

Additionally, there is now a new auto ultra-wide-angle lens that allows you to shoot photos with smooth edges even on close ranges. But get this, the feature is only available for OnePlus 8 Pro models only.

OnePlus also optimized the click animation for camera shutter which boosts the smoothness in taking photos. Furthermore, it immensely improved the camera’s shooting experience and improved stability.

Below are sample photos taken by the @bedouinaxel using OnePlus 8 Pro’ ultra-wide-angle lens.

Since its launch in April, already, the OnePlus 8/8 Pro series has received some praise from satisfied buyers. Many users are satisfied with making the switch to the OnePlus 8 series phones. Also, the smartphone is incredibly popular in Europe too.

OnePlus 8 user reviews on Amazon
OnePlus 8 user reviews on Amazon

It’s already given that users love the smartphones (with the exemption of a few), and taking into consideration the updates especially on the camera, hopefully, it will boost OnePlus 8 Pro series sales.

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