Razer converts facilities to produce 1 million surgical masks to donate to health workers

COVID-19: Razer converts facilities to produce 1 million surgical masks to donate to health workers

A global pandemic.

Dark times right now as the world is experiencing the same pandemic that is the coronavirus. The virus which leads to the more fatal Covid-19 is wreaking havoc across the globe.

Does it give you comfort knowing that everyone in the world is going through it?

Countries are on lockdown as nations prevent the spread of it and they tend to those affected. Citizens are encouraged to do their part by staying at home to prevent the spread of the virus in their communities.

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In the midst of this battle, there are people that we may have taken for granted – the front-liners such as the health workers that have tirelessly tended those who have been infected by the virus.

But there is still good news despite everything.

Razer, a company that has built its name on gaming hardware, will do its part to contribute to the ongoing battle against the coronavirus, by manufacturing and donating surgical masks.

If that did not give a smile on your face, we don’t know what will.

Razer converts facilities to produce surgical masks

Razer converts facilities to produce surgical masks
Razer converts facilities to produce surgical masks

It is no secret that because of the Covid-19 pandemic, it has resulted in a worldwide shortage of personal protective equipment. These PPEs include surgical masks that our medical front-liners, who are tirelessly fighting off the virus, need.

Front-liners in the healthcare industry is constantly exposed to the dangers of the virus as they tend to those who are infected. So, such PPEs are needed in order to prevent themselves from acquiring the disease.

Razer is tapping into its manufacturing capacities to help fill in the supply gap for surgical masks. According to CEO Min-Liang Tan, regardless of which industry we all come from, we all have a part to play in fighting the virus.

Razer has received an incredible demand for their products as people now stay at home to avoid crowds. Also, many are now advised to work from home and many schools have suspended classes.

Tan tweeted that the company designers and engineers have been “working 24-hour shifts to convert some of our existing manufacturing lines to produce surgical masks.”

1 million surgical masks up for donation globally

And the best part of it all?

Razer intends to donate 1 million surgical masks globally. Tan said on Twitter that it will reach out to respective governments and health authorities to coordinate with the mask donations.

According to the company CEO, it is the company’s first step in contributing to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, though it was not revealed what else Razer is planning to do.

Razer is just one of the many big companies that are pitching in their help in dealing with the Covid-19 global pandemic. Automakers like Tesla, General Motors, and Ford are open to the idea of using their factories to create ventilators.

1 million surgical masks up for donation globally
1 million surgical masks up for donation globally

These ventilators are very essential medical equipment that helps patients in critical conditions with their breathing. The virus primarily attacks the person’s lungs, so securing a steady supply of ventilators for countries with rising cases of Covid-19, such as the United States is very important.

On the other hand, tech companies such as Google and YouTube launched Tech from Home and Learn@Home, respectively. This is to help parents homeschool their children as schools across the globe shut down to prevent spread the coronavirus among students.

Skillshare, an online learning community, has also started offering free programs to high school and college students, with classes varying from creativity to business and technology to lifestyle.

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Everyone is encouraged to do their part… We are in this together…

What you can do to help prevent the further spread of the virus?

Everyone is still encouraged to stay at home, regardless if you are feeling some of the symptoms or not. This is so you can’t infect others and if you are the latter, you will not be infected as well.

Also, even if you are just at home, you are still encouraged to observe cleanliness. Wash your hands all the time, sanitize your place, and clean your smartphones (the device we sometimes neglect to clean) as well.

Update yourselves with news from legit sources and do not fall for Covid-19 tracker maps for it might just infect your PC.

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