Realme Releases First SmartTv

Realme Launches Its Game-Changing SmartTV For A Very Cheap Price of $172

May 25, 2020 – Realme, a China-based smartphone manufacturer launched its very first air buds, smartwatch, and smart TV. But out of all the products, it’s safe to say that the smartTV is a crowd favorite as it trends on Twitter today. The reason behind this is of course, the extremely low price tag of Rs. 12,999($172) for the 32-inch display and Rs. 21,999($290) for 43”. The new products will be available in the Realme website and Flipkart this coming June.

You Can Download Play Store Apps with Realme SmartTV

Yes, you can download apps because it’s an AndroidTV that has a RAM of 1GB and 8GB of internal storage. The new Realme Smart TV comes in 32-inch and a 43-inch LED screen displays powered by Chroma Boost Picture Engine. It also comes with Dolby speakers, Quad-core CPU, and Google Assistant. All of these features and more are included for both TV sizes.

Compared to other brands, Realme provided consumers with an extremely cheap price. And to be honest, who wouldn’t want that? Getting all the latest hi-tech features for a low price tag is a dream for almost everyone, if not all.



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People Are Showing Interest On Realme Smart TV

It’s not new for Chinese companies to release their products worldwide. This also applies in terms of technology since the country’s big manufacturers are already producing smartphones before. Since the second half of 2019, companies such as Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme are announcing their 2020 SmartTV launches. In fact, based on Google Trends’ data, people have been doing Google searches since the start of the year until now.

As you can see in the figure below, smart TVs from Huawei and Xiaomi have been highly anticipated since we entered 2020. However, the trend for Realme’s SmartTV skyrocketed a few days before its release date and it is safe to say that people will continue talking about it.

Interest Over Time - Smart TVs from Chinese Brands
Note: The number representation shown in the y-axis is in percentage.

Furthermore, the heat map below represents which region the volume of searches for a specific keyword comes from. The color intensity also depends on the number of searches. Each brand of Smart TV in this study is popular in different regions. Take a look at how Xiaomi dominates Russia, Brazil, and Argentina while Huawei smart tv searches take over Canada. Unfortunately for OnePlus, despite its recent Smart TV release, it is not as popular as the other four.

Breakdown of Smart TV Searches per Region

Now, for the Realme Smart TV, it is most popular in India because of its May 25 launch. It will be released in the 1st week of June in the said country and soon enough, it will be available in most regions worldwide.

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