Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra can give you a run for your money

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra can give you a run for your money

How much does the latest smartphone cost?

It’s no lie that the flagship smartphones, especially from popular brands, cost at least $1,000. It is a far cry from how much smartphones cost from years ago, right?

Although, it is understandable that the cost of smartphones has increased, given how much technology has evolved.

Smartphones have gotten better with more and more features incorporated that are so useful. That is also one of the reasons why users would want to upgrade after two years or more.

Popular brands like Samsung tries their best to offer budget-friendly smartphones. This category aims to find a sweet spot between high-end features and less impressive components, first through the S10e and now the new life devices.

However, that is not the case with the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But what do you get with that hefty price tag?

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Galaxy S20 Ultra: Here is what you’ll get

Do you have any idea how much a Galaxy S20 Ultra will cost?

The device has a starting price of $1,399, but that price can still go up if you are gonna go for the one with the highest specs. But with that much of a price, here is what you will get…

Right now, it’s all about getting 5G across the board on all the S20 models. So, what sets the S20 Ultra among the rest of the series?

What sets the S20 Ultra among the rest of the S20 series?
What sets the S20 Ultra among the rest of the S20 series?

First, its size. It sports a bigger 6.9-inch of screen display, while the Galaxy S20 has 6.2-inch, and the S20 Plus has a 6.7-inch screen display.

Its thick profile is almost certainly because of a larger battery. The S20 Ultra’s battery features 5,000 mAh, a total upgrade from last year’s 4,500mAh.

Another thing, it supports super-fast charging if you use the wall adapter. One has even gone from zero to a fully charged smartphone in just under an hour. Amazing, right?

When it comes to the design, the three phones from the S20 series pretty much look identical. There’s not really that much difference with the front as well. The front has a hole-punch camera with a generous 40-megapixel for that picture-perfect selfies.

But the biggest and most apparent difference is the camera module at the back. There are four cameras at the back, in a lip that occupies about a sixth of the phone’s total surface area.

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Ultra 100x Zoom

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is giving you the run for its money when it comes to the camera module. Its quad-camera includes a Depth Vision camera, 108-megapixel wide-angle main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens, and a 48-megapixel telephoto lens.

Sample photo taken with Galaxy S20 Ultra
Sample photo was taken with Galaxy S20 Ultra

Mind you, the ToF was absent on the S20 phone, which brings an added sense of depth for bokeh effects and fun tricks like 3D scanning.

Seeing at the camera setup, it already is impressive, but wait until you see the pictures. Various camera samples that are posted early reviewers posted on YouTube, the Space Zoom feature is especially impressive.

Below is the sample photo:

It’s not every day you will use the 100x on a phone, nonetheless, it an impressive feature to have. Also, it is not available on many of Samsung’s biggest competitors.

Additionally, the zoom camera can scan signs for text, which could be extremely useful in some situations. Below are a few more samples taken with the Galaxy S20 Ultra:

Bottom line…

To sum it all up, the biggest specs you will be getting with the S20 Ultra is the 5G capabilities, 100x zoom, and the 8K video record.

Charging the $1,399 and up for a unit of Ultra is a pretty hard ask. Thinking of getting your hands on it? Well, you have to consider if the features are enough to justify the price tag. 

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