Scammers steal WhatsApp users' bank details by asking 'one simple question'

Scammers steal WhatsApp users’ bank details by asking ‘one simple question’

Scammers are exploiting WhatsApp victims with the simplest question imaginable –– who is this?

This question seems like what an old friend would ask who had lost your number or gotten a new phone.

Unfortunately for many WhatsApp users, it is the start of a target scheme that could end up in identity theft, blackmail, unauthorized access to bank accounts.

Beware of those messages that ask you who you are that are not on your phone address. For all you know, you might end up getting stolen from.


Scammers target WhatsApp users using a new scheme

As per the news reported by The Sun UK, a new WhatsApp scam targets victims by starting a conversation pretending to be someone else. But, what seems to be a harmless chat with a stranger could end up with an empty bank account for those who have taken the bait.

Scammers might say “I found you in my address book” or something like “I just got a new phone”, then claim they were trying to clean up their contacts.

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These scammers will try to befriend you and gain your trust. Once that has been taken care of, they will gain personal information about you, such as information about your friends, family, and where you work.

Scammers target WhatsApp users using a new scheme
Scammers target WhatsApp users using a new scheme

It does not end there.

The scammers will try to add you on Facebook and steal real or even photoshopped images of you then use them to threaten you to send to family or friends if you don’t send money or give out your bank details.

If you reach this stage, report it immediately to the authorities. Do not try to give them money as they will stop. Instead, they will only try to blackmail you again.

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Experts on WhatsApp WABetaInfo say that the scam has become more usual as scammers may message people in a drastic moment of psychological or sentimental frailty”. They strongly advise that users should never give out personal information to unknown contacts.

If you experience a similar scam, do not engage with that person. Ignore and delete these kinds of messages. You can block the phone number so you won’t be bothered by any texts from the scammer at all.

After doing so, report the phone number by clicking WhatsApp’s report button. Also, you can bump up your privacy settings just to make sure you are protected.

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