Google’s latest Security Feature exclusive to Pixel Phones?

Google announced that the new batch of software updates will only for its Pixel smartphones. Its car-crash detection was just added the previous year. Now, he technology giant is extending its personal safety features by adding a “safety check” feature that’s designed to ensure your safety whenever you are out along. For example, when you’re out for a walk or a run.

How does this work?

When users enable this feature, users will set a time for check-in. A safety check will take over the phone’s screen and will then ask for your status when that time is up. This prompt can be dismissed to mean that the user is safe or share your immediate location to emergency contacts. It can even used to dial 911 when needed. If there’s no response inside a minute, the safety check will then notify your emergency contacts. The feature will then share your location through Google Maps.

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Google Pixel Phone Security Check
How Google’s Security Check Works.

Understandably, there will be no option for it to call 911 automatically. This is likely to prevent massive false positives.

Are there any alternatives?

If you’re keen on walking home alone or just love to be outdoors on foot without any companions, this might be a very nice feature. You might want to have this on your Android phone. However, something similar is not yet available on any other platform.

Twitter reacts to the Google's New Security Feature.
Twitter reacts to the Google’s New Security Feature.

Unsurprisingly, this notion was not positively received by other Android Users. Users find the idea very useful and want to use them for themselves. According to one, this security feature should not only be limited to Pixel Phones only.

One of the rare downsides of the said feature is that if you could not attend to the warning within a minute, it will automatically notify the persons you have put on the emergency contact. However, this is a small and insignificant drawback—one which should not affect the overall safety of its potential users.

The Verdict

Even if there is always a possibility of alarming your friends and family by accident by forgetting to check-in, this is still a really solid feature. Google’s Safety Check is so good that it should be available to all devices.

If you frequently walk home on your own or go somewhere without any companion, then this will be a really good feature— considering that you own one of Google’s Pixel Phones.

But one this is for sure if this proves to be a success: People would really clamor to have this feature on their hands.

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