Slack for Android revamped with a new modern user-interface

Slack for Android revamped with a new modern user-interface

Day I-don’t-know-anymore of quarantine.

Like many others, have you also lost count of the number of days that you have stayed at home?

Regardless of the case, we now have to adjust ourselves to the new normal due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As with people who work from home, they now rely on many tools to be productive, connect with colleagues, and get the work done online.

With many tools available out there, Slack definitely is the one of the most used tools, whether it’s on your Android phone or PC/laptop.

Slack lets you collaborate work online with teams or colleagues to get essential work across. It allows group/individual messaging and voice calls to allow a seamless workflow.

And here’s some good news:

Slack is getting a more modern user-interface update for its Android app. See how the app is redesigned and taking a departure on what we were used to before.

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Slack for Android: revamped to a more modern user-interface

Do you have a love-hate relationship with Slack? There is no denying that Slack is one very useful tool. However, for some, its outdated interface sets them back.

Finally, the Android app is getting revamped to a more modern user-interface.

Slack for Android: revamped to a more modern user-interface
Slack for Android: revamped to a more modern user-interface

For the past few years, Slack for Android app has always have that traditional interface.

On the “main” screen, you get the last channel or direct message you have used with a hamburger menu that contains the full list of channels as well as the DMs.

Now, it is taking its leave from what users have been so used to.

Slack v20 switches to a bottom bar interface with buttons for the following:

  • Home
  • DMs
  • Mentions
  • You

The most important for most users is the Home tab: it lists out each channel and direct message you are a part of. Also, it is the compose button is located for a new message.

If you swipe right on any panel, a new sidebar opens up which includes a team switcher, settings, as well as other options like inviting new members or logging out.

On the right-side panel, you can quickly access the last channel or message you have entered.

If you are looking for handy-dandy and quick access to your recently-used sections in the app, this is the action that you need to perform.

Say hello to a new interface…

Looking forward to working from home everyday?

The new and improved Slack for Android app’s updated interface is something to look forward to.

Since we are all so used to the old interface, the new one is something that will definitely take some getting used to for many users.

But the new interface looks and feels promising. And the clean look is a plus too.

The updated user-interface is rolling out as part of Slack version is now available on Google Play Store through the beta track.

download google pay through google play

But take note, the beta track may require a server-side update after the new version has been installed.

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