Spark Mail Debuts On Android As Google's Inbox Shuts Down

Spark Mail Debuts On Android As Google’s Inbox Shuts Down

As Google’s Inbox shuts down another mail app that is famous in iOS and macOS has finally made its way to Android. Yesterday, the long wait has been over for Android users, as Spark mail becomes available in the OS.

Spark was able to attract one million users on both iOS and macOS since its launch in Apple’s operating system. But a question everyone is been dying to know is, when the app is coming to Android?

And now is the time for Android users to rejoice. Spark for Android is finally available just in time Inbox’s death.

Spark For Android Is Finally Available

The announcement already came in last month after Spark confirmed that the app will be coming to Android. In a tweet released by Spark, the company previously teased that its Android launching will be coming in the same date of Inbox shutdown.

And in another tweet released last April 1, Spark finally confirmed the date and time of the Android launch.

Spark is an email client developed by Readdle, the company which brought PDF Expert, Scanner Pro, Documents and Calendars 5. For a long only iOS and macOS users have accessed to the app.

And with the industry that is highly dominated by Gmail or Microsoft Outlook, Spark has definitely made a name for itself. The app focuses on power-user features that seeks to promote user-productivity.

It includes features like snoozing, reminders, scheduled sends, integrations with services, and batch deleting/archiving.

Spark Mail App
Spark Mail App

Spark also comes with smart notifications that lets you sort your email by categories like personal, work and newsletter making you prioritize important stuff on your inbox. It ignores non-important emails and notifies the users for more important threads.

The app is free to download in the App Store as well as in Google Play. Spark is already packed with useful features, and in order unlock additional productivity and collaboration features you will have to pay for the full version.

Google Play

Some features are not available to Android just yet. Though the company is already working on quick replies, the calendar view, email templates, email delegation and third-party integrations.

And if you happen to be an Android user and a diehard Inbox fan, you will find that Spark is a very good substitute.

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