Spotify rolls out Sleep Timer on Android, users can now drift off to their favorite music

Spotify rolls out Sleep Timer on Android, users can now drift off to their favorite music

The music streaming Spotify, has finally introduced the sleep timer feature to its Android app. Much to the delight of its users, who have been raving about the feature for the past few days. This feature allows users to doze off while listening to music without it playing all throughout the night.

There are just times when we want to fall asleep to calming music and even our favorites. However, falling asleep listening to music drains up our phone batteries pretty quick. Worst is, you will wake up to a warm or blazing hot device. And Spotify finally has a remedy for that.

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Sleep Timer Available On Spotify Android
Sleep Timer Available On Spotify Android

A recent leak suggest that a sleep timer will be coming to the app very very soon. The music streaming app was not big in terms of the announcement. Reddit users started noticing the feature as one of the options in the “Now Playing” menu just last week.

“I’ve been waiting for this feature forever,” posted one Reddit user named Studzz in the thread titled “Thank you for the sleep timer, Spotify.”

How to turn on Sleep Timer feature on Android’s Spotify app?

Sleep Timer On Android's Spotify Is One Of The "Now Playing" Menu Options
Sleep Timer On Android’s Spotify Is One Of The “Now Playing” Menu Options

After selecting the music you to fall asleep to, to enable the sleep timer feature click first the at the top right of the “Now Playing” screen. Then, look for the Sleep Timer option, which seemed to have been rolled out gradually to users.

You can then choose the intervals before your music turns off. The time choices ranges from 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes before the music completely turns off.

Steps In Enabling The Sleep Timer Feature (Photo credits to CNET)
Steps In Enabling The Sleep Timer Feature (Photo credits to CNET)

You can also choose to end the music after the track you are currently listening to. If you are quick to nod off and wish to opt for the latter, just click on “End of Track”. This feature can be turned off anytime as well. Just go back in the Sleep Timer option and Turn off Timer.

Wrapping Up…

Previously, the timer feature is available only to Spotify’s Podcasts, which has been the company’s focus at the moment. Also, Bloomberg reported earlier this month, that Spotify is set to launch a new design on the mobile apps that would greatly emphasize the app’s library of Podcasts.

According to the report, the new design has already been tested and includes putting bold labels for “music” and “podcasts” on the library page. This makes it easier for users to find the podcasts that they want instead of having to navigate around through many categories as is the case now.

“There are plenty of podcasts we’d all enjoy if only we knew they existed,” Spotify’s chief financial officer Barry McCarthy told Bloomberg. “There is no search engine, no search interface that understands what podcast you and I like. We’re working hard on that problem.”

With all these new features rolling out to the beloved music streaming app, we can all be sure that Spotify users are in for a more convenient experience. Users can only hope that previous leaks will start rolling out to the app very very soon.

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