Stable OxygenOS 12 for OnePlus are littered with bugs, users aren't happy

Stable OxygenOS 12 for OnePlus are littered with bugs, users aren’t happy

Recently, OnePlus officially released a ‘stable’ OxygenOS 12 based on Android 12 for the OnePlus 9 series.

The latest release has several features such as reworked icons, adjustable dark mode, revamped Shelf, Work-Life Balance 2.0, and more. Unfortunately, many users find the update is half-baked, in fact, the software is littered with bugs and inconsistencies.

Moreso, some of these users are questioning whether it is really a ‘stable’ software to begin with.


OnePlus 9 series receive a ‘stable’ bug-littered OS update

OnePlus 9 series phones started receiving OS update
OnePlus 9 series phones started receiving OS update

Many OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro users have started receiving a stable OxygenOS 12 update. However, many users took to Reddit to report a wide range of issues after they have installed the OxygenOS 12 update.

Such issues include having trouble receiving calls, a broken Autofill feature, poor animations, slow Wi-Fi speed, and many more.

To make matters worse, the system update is also missing some customization features that have been a fundamental part of the OxygenOS experience. Let’s take the examples below:

  • Users will no longer be able to change icons individually
  • Users can’t customize the status bar
  • You can’t disable the Google Feed
  • You can’t turn off the battery icon
  • Call recording app is missing
  • Advanced Reboot feature is missing

The aforementioned are just a few of the things that are missing from the latest update.

Reddit, Twitter, and even the official announcement post in the OnePlus forum are full of people recommending to not install the update or if you have, uninstall it on their smartphones.

Here is what one OnePlus user has to say:

Furthermore, there are also several complaints that not much has changed with the system since the previous beta. Plus, the official changelog is getting criticism that it is lacking a lot of changes users can see when using OxygenOS 12.

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The OxygenOS 12 has gotten many rounds of beta tests before launching the stable update. And this so-called stable update does not live up to the expectations.

The update is available in OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro smartphones. If you want to test the latest update for yourself, go ahead and try it out.

But if you are not ready with the bugs and the lacking features on the latest OxygenOS 12 update, then you should keep out of the update and stay on the Android 11 fence.

Perhaps you can wait for OnePlus to release a more stable ‘stable’ update to fix out these issues.

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