TCL 10L and 10 Pro Android phones are discounted on Amazon

TCL 10L and 10 Pro Android phones are discounted on Amazon

Beginning this year, TCL took the wraps off its latest smartphones – TCL 10L and 10 Pro. The Chinese phone manufacturer has given us low-budget phones but without compromising on specs and features.

And now, Amazon is offering a limited promo where you can get these smartphones at even a lower price.

So, if you are on the hunt for a low-cost smartphone packed with features, you might want to take advantage of this offer.

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Amazon offers discounts for TCL 10L and 10 Pro

Despite its cheap price tag (and lower priced than its competitors), you will be surprised to see that its packed with features that you think are only available on expensive high-end smartphones.

And the good news…

Amazon is even offering big discounts on these smartphones. But, you need to hurry, the promo is only for a limited period of time.


Let’s start off with the entry-level smartphone – TCL 10L. This entry-level phone usually has a $250 price tag, which is already a killer price.

But with Amazon’s promo, you can get your hands on the unlocked TCL 10L phone for only $209.99. That’s a whopping $40 discount off of the original price. Amazing, right?

All this thanks to Amazon’s on-page coupon promo. (Best Buy has this unlocked device on sale at the same price, too.)

TCL 10L discounted at Amazon for a limited offer

Are you thinking of getting this handset? Here’s what it sports under the hood:

Inside, TCL’s 10L features a Snapdragon 665 processor with a 6GB RAM. Also, you will see a 6.53-inch FHD+ display that has a high screen to body ratio.

At just under a $200 price tag, you will get four rear cameras with a 48-megapixel main camera – truly a force to be reckoned with. The internal storage is at 64GB but can be extended through a microSD card of up to 256GB.

TCL 10 Pro

The higher-end of the two devices is the 10 Pro. On normal days, this has a $500 price tag. But because of Amazon’s on-page coupon discount, you can bag this device for even less.

TCL’s unlocked 10 Pro is on sale for just $379.99. Do you want to avail yourself of this discount? Here’s what you need to do:

Just clip the coupon on the product page for $70 off the price tag before adding it to your cart. This is by far the largest discount offering to date for TCL.

TCL's high-end 10 Pro
TCL’s high-end 10 Pro is also discounted on Amazon

The 10 Pro features a Snapdragon 675 octa-core processor packed with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Just like the 10L, you can also supplement the storage with a microSD to extend its capacity.

Additionally, it sports a 6.47-inch FHD+ waterfall AMOLED screen display with an in-screen fingerprint processor, plus HDR 10 support.

Like the 10L, it features a four-camera array at the back with a 64-megapixel main camera. And the main camera is supplemented with a low-light video camera, a macro camera, and a wide-angle lens camera.

Bag a TCL 10L or 10 Pro now…

If you’ve been looking for a budget Android phone for quite some time now, you might want to check out Amazon’s big discounts on TCL 10L and 10 Pro now.

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But we recommend that you act fast because this promo is for a limited time only.

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