Tiktok age restrict video content

Tiktok Filter’s Videos-From Kids Viewing

Tiktok developed a system to identify and restrict certain content from teenagers.

Tiktok, a Short-form video app, pledges to filter mature and potentially problematic content for kids. On Wednesday, Tiktok announced several updates to help users under 18 with a customized viewing option. The viewing option removes potential threats that may be fine as a single video but problematic if viewed repeatedly. Tiktok calls the new system ‘Content Level Customization’ with access to maturity score to assigned to content and restricts teens from viewing potentially harmful content.

The company rates the content in terms of above 18 or below same as movies and video games. The customization filters the mature theme with potential videos that has sensitive age-restricted content will be scanned. The company has not yet shared the grounds for giving maturity scores. The move is in the wake of Tiktok’s poor filtering and harmful content.

Tiktok announced updates on user customization of viewing preferences. The users can use filters and customize potential viewing. The filtering avoids possible problematic content and scrutinizes the scope that can trigger inappropriate emotions in the kids. 

TikTok Algorithm

Tiktok Algorithm is precise to the point that the user needs to choose the area of interest; the algorithm takes over from there. Tiktok maps the user’s taste from the videos watched full length, those videos liked, shared, and followed. The approach of the Tiktok algorithm has proved to be extremely rewarding for Tiktok.

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TikTok and Harmful Challenges  

Tiktok is criticized for poor filtering and harmful content like the ‘Orbeez Challenge’. Two Broward teenagers were arrested for shooting a civilian with an Orbeez gun. The teens participating in the #orbeezchallenge fill in the gun toy with water beads, sometimes frozen water beads, to make them harder and more painful. Another example of the dangerous challenge in Tiktok is the Blackout challenge. 

The challenge encouraged participants to hold their breath or strangulate themselves for a euphoric experience. The challenge caused multiple children to die while participating. Instances in the kick door challenge involving people kicking strangers’ doors. The app has harmful challenges where the under 18 users who watch the challenge on repeat mode can have a rabbit hole experience of being unable to get out and try to to replicate. Tiktok is currently working on altering this mode to create a safe environment for all ages.

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