Tinder is now bypassing Play Store’s policy to avoid Google’s percentage cut

Match Group, the creator of the popular dating app Tinder has just become of the latest high-profile developer to avoid Google on its 30% fee, both for applications and in-app transactions. Some say that 30% is too much, and this discussion is not exclusive to mobile developers. Even storefronts like Epic and Discord are attempting to make a name for themselves by charging a much fewer fees.

Tinder has introduced a default processing payments that entirely skips Google Play Store’s system, instead taking payments directly. If users opt this method, you lose the option of going back to Google Play Store after the fact.

Tinder has developed a new way of processing payments to avoid Google’s cut

Tinder has developed a new way of processing payments to avoid Google's cut
Tinder has developed a new way of processing payments to avoid Google’s cut

Match Group’s new approach involves encouraging their users to enter their credit card details directly into Tinder’s systems, according to a report on Bloomberg. Users can then avoid paying the in-app purchases to the company’s services like Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus.

This move is similar to the one made by the popular game developer Epic Games, which released the Android version of battle royale hit Fortnite last year. It can downloadable through its own launcher just to avoid Google’s 30% cut.

Most notably, Tinder is Match Group’s most profitable app. And in between its subscription services and other in-app purchases options, like paying for the ability to know when someone has read your messages, the software can easily be one of the highest grossing free apps in Android and iOS.

Photo credit: @JerryCap (via @modestproposal1)
Photo credit: @JerryCap (via @modestproposal1)

According to a statement to Bloomberg by Match Group spokesperson Justine Sacco it says, “At Match Group, we constantly test new updates and features to offer convenience, control and choice to our users, we will always try to provide options that benefit their experience and offering payment options is one example of this.”

After users have input their credit card details into Tinder’s system, the app supposedly defaults to that payment method for any future in-app purchases. And this is how Tinder bypasses Google’s percentage cut.

Developers does not agree with the 70-30 model of modern app stores

Tinder on Google Play Store

It is not just Epic and Match Group, two of the high-profile companies, to openly bypass Google Play Store cut but still while trying to cater to its Android users. Prominent subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify have expressed their distaste for the 70-30 model for modern app stores for many years now.

Apple was the first one to put up the model back in 2008, and just a few months later Google borrowed the concept for its Play Store. Even though Epic did bypass Google’s Play Store, the company still has released Fortnite on the iOS platform through its App Store.

Unlike Android, you can get Apple’s quality control and firm grip on its ecosystem. Developers, such as Epic, would really have no choice but to take part in the 30% cut and take the hit.

On the other hand, Android is more flexible and more open to how developers should reach out to their users and how they can make money out of it. That gives Epic and now Match Group the opportunity to experiment.

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