USB-C revision 2.1 go from 100W to 240W, enough to power gaming laptops and other hungry-power devices

USB-C upgrade go from 100W to 240W, enough to power gaming laptops and other power-hungry devices

All thanks to USB-C that gives a whopping 100W of power, many have been able to cramp down their chargers to different devices to just one. USB-C is able to charge mighty devices at a faster speed –– in comparison to its standard chargers.

However, this new revision for USB-C cables and connectors will offer more than double the power –– this includes just about all major electronics companies. Today, the USB Implementers Forum debuted Revision 2.1.


USB-C Revision 2.1. –– delivers more than double the power

The most notable and important change among the 415 pages of very dry tables, diagrams, and electrical engineering is the upcoming revision to Power Delivery. Now, expect a 240W charging through the new Extended Power Range sub-specification.

For our non-techie readers, this means that you can now plug the same kind of multi-purpose USB-C cable you use–not just to your lightweight tablets, laptops, and smartphones–but also to your power-hungry gaming laptops.

USB-C Revision 2.1. –– delivers more than double the power
USB-C Revision 2.1. –– delivers more than double the power

Putting that into context, imagine your phone charger usually charges at 18W-25W, most Chromebooks charge at 45W, and the more powerful MacBook Pros charge at 96W.

Furthermore, some Windows laptops can charge up to 130W over a USB-C cable. However, technically, those 130W USB-C chargers are breaking the current Power Delivery spec just to go over that power.

The USB-IF has revised the Power Delivery that they now call “Extended Power Range” or ERP which helps in connector constraints and technical issues that will arise from those higher voltages.

In theory, users can now charge gaming laptops and other hungry-power devices over a USB-C cable.

Source: USB-IF

Cables supporting 240 watts of power will have additional requirements in order to accommodate new levels. “All EPR cables shall be visibly identified with EPR cable identification items,” according to USB-IF’s requirements for the new spec.

Additionally, these cables will have a specific icon “so that end users will be able to confirm visually that the cable supports up to…240W,” says USB-IF in its specification document.

This is to ensure that users won’t get confused on whether certain cables support certain power delivery.

USB-C that delivers 240W is now the new thing…

Of course, you will need new USB-C cables and connectors to take advantage of the spec upgrade. Your old USB-C cables just won’t do it.

Many have already been looking forward to the USB-C that support ERP. These devices are said to be available towards the end of this year, or in the first few months of 2022.

And the best thing is, the next generation of cables will be safer. The USB-IF has continuously abided by safety requirements for cable components as well as construction of these cables.


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