Users complain about Google Assistant's white noise

Users complain about Google Assistant’s white noise

Google offers tons of ambient sounds from Google Assistant including one for white noise. The white noise helps block out noise to help users sleep or study easily.

However, the tech company apparently changed its white noise sound last week, and many Home/Nest users are not happy with the update.

Thankfully, Google says it changed the white noise problem and it is working like it used to.


Google changes the Assistant’s white noise track

Many users rely on Google Assistant’s white noise to sleep or study, especially the sleep-deprived parents. And in the quest to offering the best services to its users, Google updated the white noise in its Assistant.

Google Assistant now has a new white noise track. But, just like any other feature update, not everything goes to plan. Users are not happy with the update, to say the least.

Google fixes Assistant's white noise problem
Google fixes Assistant’s white noise problem

In fact, the change has been disruptive for many users, as reported in the Google Nest community thread that had more than 150 replies since the first time it was published on Monday.

Many users said that the new white noise is quieter and shorter or sounding muffled. “Noticed last night the sound had been changed,” writes the author of the original post. “Sounds like a new file and it’s not only quieter the audio loop is a lot shorter.”

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In addition, another person said their child has asked to use another white noise generator instead of Google Nest Hub. And another, their toddler has noticed the change and wakes up during the night.

Google aims to have its Nest devices be treated as sleep aids. The company even went to introduce sleep-traking feature in the Nest Hub last year.

Currently, Google’s Nest Hub offers more a lot of ambient tracks that are at your command to help you chill or fall asleep. The sounds range from general “relaxing sounds” to more specific themes, such as a babbling brook.

There is even a swaying fan sound, which is useful to some who fan this sound very calming and relaxing.

The new white noise track loops in every 10 minutes instead of every hour. And if they are not turned off, the ambient sounds will keep continue playing up to 12 hours.

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White noise track issue solved, says Google

Luckily, Google was quick to take the feedback and change back the white noise track. Now, it is working like it used to.

“There was an issue impacting our white noise experience. It’s fixed now and working as it previously did,” says Google spokesperson Robert Ferrara.

One Reddit user has uploaded one-hour track the original ambient sound and more to a Google Drive.

Furthermore, Google also offers other ambient sounds like forest and rain sound. Plus, you can also see the full list here.

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