Wallpaper that can softbrick Android Phones found

What’s with the photo?

Ice universe put the problem to light after sharing the image to the public via his Twitter account. A warning was included with the photo that explains what would happen to your device. Addtionally, Ice Universe particularly warned Samsung users to never set the picture as a wallpaper.

“If someone sends you this picture, please ignore it,” the famous tech leaker said.

In a more straightforward explanation, Android Phones with the image as wallpaper will enter a loop of getting a blinking lock screen. This means that the lock screen will constantly turn on and off.

Why does it happen?

Users reported that there was no way to leave the loop.  Some tried rebooting the phone only to find out that it has no effect. The only way to fix the phone is to require a factory reset.

Initial reports say that the crash happens due to the color space that an image use rather than the image itself. In essence, the color space refers to how specific colors are organized in an image.

Android 10 is programmed to handle sGRB color space images for wallpapers. Additionally, the developers haven’t included any safeguards against images that used non-sGRB images.

In a nutshell, the infamous wallpaper which caused phones to crash utilized an RGB (non-sRGB) colo space with Android 10 couldn’t handle. The result is a spectacular phone failure.

Users react

Apparently, the stern warning isn’t as effective as Ice Universe hope it is as some users ignored it altogether and even tried it on their own phones. However, it is thanks to these people that the Tweet went viral and companies begin to take notice.

While some users are busy posting photos and videos and asking for help to fix their ‘bricked’ phones for curiosity’s sake, some users tried it on their own to find a fix. It was at this time when the first fix, the factory reset option, was discovered.

Additionally, some users also claimed that the photo has no effect on their phones.

users react to wallpaper crashing phones.
Some phone users share that the wallpaper have no effects on their devices.

Bug Fixed?

According to reports,  Google is now aware of the problem and is working on a fix. Although at the present time, the company still hasn’t announced a specific timeframe when the bug can be declared to be fixed.

Some sources also say that the error is only limited to Android 10 and is already fixed on the still unreleased Android 11.

The best way to keep your phone safe is to heed the warning and never use the photo as a wallpaper.

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