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Wear OS update – Fast pair an easy-breezy business 

Google has revealed that the fast pairing support will be extended to Wear OS devices in its updated change log for June 2022. The fast pairing on wear OS will connect Pair headphones to the wearable OS in a jiffy. With the support of Fast Pair, the Wear OS-powered smartwatch users will be able to see their paired Bluetooth earbuds on their Google accounts.

This move by Google can also be seen as a precedent to support the upcoming smartwatches. It is pertinent to remember that Google had already assured to bring fast pair support to Chromebooks, Android TVs and smart home devices. However, the new Wear OS update is a happy surprise.

The changelog was announced without any intimation in the system updates, in the middle of the month. This updated changelog is expected to be just a trailer before the much-awaited launch of the pixel Watch And Pixel Buds Pro

What is Fast Pair?

Fast pair is Google’s way to connect Bluetooth headphones to Android phones in a blink of an eye. Within one or two seconds your smartwatch or smartphone is all good to go with the earbuds. Fast pair was introduced in 2017 for Android 6.0+ devices, however, their success has taken them to a wider range of devices. 

How Fast Pair can help Wear OS devices?

Fast Pair aids users to sync their earbuds with their watches, and step up with the music while outdoors or indoors along with added calling features.  Apart from these features, once the fast pair is added to OS, users can control their earbuds both from their phones and earbuds mutually, without any hiccups.

How can Fast Pair help Google Pixel Watch?

The Google Pixel watch is yet to hit the market. Here, Fast Pair can make the pairing very smooth and reliable. The product page of Pixel mentions adding a wear OS which will make it easier to connect the watch to earbuds and phone together. Fast pair will make this triangular bond of these devices very strong.  

Best Wear OS Smartwatch in 2022

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