WhatsApp Rolls New Feature, Allows Automatic Voice Message Play

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Feature, Allows Automatic Voice Message Play

Being one of the most used app owned by Facebook Inc., even surpassing Facebook itself, WhatsApp brings in new features. You can finally play voice notes continuously without having to press play.

Now, WhatsApp beta 2.19.86 enables automatic playing of voice notes in consecutive order. This means, that when you received multiple voice messages from a single contact, you do not have to keep on pressing play in the individual message.

WhatsApp Update: Continuously Play Voice Notes
WhatsApp Update: Continuously Play Voice Notes

With WhatsApp, it is all about the convenience. Last year, the app also introduced the lock voice note recording.

This feature lets you lock in the voice note you are listening to so you do no have to hold the voice note button in case of long messages.

Beta Update Brings In New Features

Initially, WhatsApp is an instant messaging app. Like many other messaging apps, it has quickly adapted to voice messaging. And every update, it has gotten more and more convenient for users.

The ability to listen consecutively to voice messages is not the only update the Beta 2.19.86 brings in. WhatsApp also added the feature “Forwarded Info”.

Beta Update Called "Forwarded Info"
Beta Update Called “Forwarded Info”

Original senders will now be able to see how many people have received and read any messages labaled “forwarded”. Additonally, messages that will be forwarded more than four time will be labeled “frequently forwarded”.

Finally, a message can only be forwarded to a maximum of five time worldwide. This is to avoid the spread of fake news via the messaging app.

WhatsApp Is Not Slowing Down With The Update

With all the useful features the app update has been rolling out, there is still more. Along with the already mentioned features, WhatsApp is testing out an improved version of the picture-in-picture (PiP) video playback.

Picture-In-Picture Feature In WhatsApp
Picture-In-Picture Feature In WhatsApp

Do you find it annoying when you play a video on WhatsApp then you switch chats and suddenly the video in PiP mode stops playing? Well, with the Beta update you do not have to worry on switching chats while playing videos.

Users can now enjoy a video and not get interrupted even if you want to keep on switching chats. And if we are lucky, WhatsApp might also be able to offer a feature that lets users what a video in PiP mode even if the app is minimized.

WhatsApp Is Still On The Works On Developing Other Cool Features

So far, those are the only features WhatsApp will be rolling in for the Beta update. But WhatsApp has been working on a number of cool features that will be available to users very very soon.

WhatsApp's Future Update
WhatsApp’s Future Update

Some of these features are dark mode, which uses darker colored hues so the interface can be soothing to the eyes and it can be specially easier to use the app in the dark.

WhatsApp is also eyeing for support on fingerprint authentication to secure chats on the app on par on iOS’ WhatsApp Face ID or Touch ID to protect and secure chats.

Both of these features is currently being tested but will not yet be available to the users.

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