YouTube TV's Monthly Price Hikes Up To $50, But Adds Discovery Channels

YouTube TV’s Monthly Price Hikes Up To $50, But Adds Discovery Channels

YouTube TV has announced that it will be adding Discovery’s lineup of networks in its package available to their subscribers. But along with the additional channels to watch, the also raises up its monthly subscription to $50.

According to a web blog post from YouTube, a company that is owned by Google, the price hike is to bring customers “the best service possible.”

YouTube TV Raises Monthly Price To $50

Sadly, adding the the popular channels from Discovery does not come cheap because subscribers will have a new rate to pay on their monthly bill.

As already mentioned, YouTube TV’s monthly price now raises to $50 which is effective immediately.

But that price will even be higher if you subscribe directly through an Apple device. The plan will cost you $55 a month.

YouTube TV Price Hike Effective Immediately
YouTube TV Price Hike Effective Immediately

Existing subscribers will have to pay the new rate starting May 13th. This is the second price hike since the company launched YouTube TV two years ago.

And YouTube TV is not the only network to raise their prices as well. AT&T also plans to raise the price of DirecTV Now. Hulu also raises its Live TV product’s price by $5, now making it $45.

YouTube TV Adds Discovery Channels

If you are a fan of the Discovery Channel, HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, and MotorTrend then you would surely enjoy the new channels on YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Adds Discovery Channels
YouTube TV Adds Discovery Channels

Now you would not mind the price hike, would you? Unfortunately YouTube TV is not forking its channel plans or offering besides the main option.

So, if you are not a big fan of these channels and not a frequent watcher either, you will still have to pay for the new higher rate.

But the company says, adding these channels is not baseless as these channels are the most requested amongst subscribers. So, it thinks that the channel addition would give justice to the recent price hike.

YouTube TV's New Channel Lineup
YouTube TV’s New Channel Lineup

Above is YouTube TV’s new channel lineup that subscribers can now enjoy. And the regional sports channel will differ depending where you are in the country.

Many would still prefer YouTube TV over other live TV streaming networks. The simple interface, unlimited DVR and the ability to fast forward through DVR recordings is always a win amongst subscribers.

Even with the recent monthly price hike, YouTube TV is still recommended. Hopefully, there won’t be any price increase anytime soon.

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